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  • verb

Synonyms for arise

Synonyms for arise

to adopt a standing posture

to leave one's bed

to move from a lower to a higher position

to begin to appear or develop

to come into being

Synonyms for arise

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We report the case of a 65-year-old woman who had a large, pedunculated, cribriform adenocarcinoma that had arisen from the base of the tongue.
Examination of her oral cavity and oropharynx revealed the presence of a smooth, globular, pedunculated, 6 x 6cm mass that had arisen from the base of the tongue toward the right side (figure 1).
However, this disappointing performance has not arisen from the employers liability business which will form the main component of the company's portfolio going forward, but from other lines, in particular provincial UK business, which has been discontinued during 2000.
The cyst had arisen from the anteriormost part of the left ventricle (figure 2).
The patient was taken to the operating room, where a telescopic examination showed that the large polypoid mass had arisen from the right middle turbinate and was obstructing the right middle meatus (figure, A, arrow).