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(music) a short recitative that is melodic but is not an aria

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The magisterial bass aria "Hvo kan bestaae for en almaegtig Vrede" (Who can endure an almighty rage) contrasts with the introspective tenor arioso "Bliv Taare ved at trille
In the St Matthew Passion our own responsibility for the suffering of Christ is heavily emphasized in the ariosos and arias of the first half (and reinforced in the second with `Erbarme dicta') and our imitation of Christ in accepting our own suffering (usefully occasioned by the character of Simon of Cyrene, the first human literally to follow Christ and bear his cross) becomes an important topic in the second half.
The arioso makes reference to the fact that Jesus has endured the cross, his body is at rest; the last lines run `Bid them give me the dead Jesus.
In particular, his attempt to demonstrate Zingarelli's direct influence by comparing Giulietta with the later works is unconvincing without a score, since the broad innovations cited (in Vaccaj's tomb scene, 'changes of tempo, diverse rhythms, ariosos, and accompanied recitatives alternate with great freedom on the model of Zingarelli's analogous scene' (p.
Like those forms, the cantata consisted of contrasting sections of recitatives, ariosos, and arias, as well as chorales in the choral cantatas.
Blow's invention is fresh and varied, dance-music mingling with programmatic elements and deeply-felt ariosos and choruses.
Recitatives and ariosos appear in parentheses; these begin and end in the keys specified.