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(music) a short recitative that is melodic but is not an aria

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By then, he had an occasion in mind, a commission for the soprano Lucy Shelton, and a sense of the large shape of a song cycle: 'These quatrains will be the long arioso that will need a few before it and maybe one after it.
First generation Solupor membranes are used in avariety of applications, including liquid filtration, transdermal drug delivery, and high performance air filtration through Lydall's Arioso composite media.
Projected Annual Savimas Community # New Water Water Natural Natural Showerheads Savings Savings Gas Gas (Gallons] (Utility Savings Savings Bill) (Therms) (Utility Bill) Arioso 271 1,991,850 $5,420 10,840 $12,195 Avana 409 3.
Arioso is a form between song and recitative, often described as melodic declamation, while aria, in contrast, is an elaborate melodic composition that accents design, expression, and virtuosity, often at the expense of the text.
Watson, who is a musician born to sing this repertoire, gave a moving account of the vocal part, easily navigating the elaborate roulades of the short, fifth movement Arioso and bringing a wonderful sense of mystery to the closing hymn.
Using the flexible pacing of arioso rather than a set piece aria, Verdi's portrayal of Rigoletto's swiftly changing feelings has an intense dramatic impact that conceivably was not equaled until Otello (Fig.
Il quadro arioso di Dafni sul punto di vareare Tinusitato limen Olympi, vedendo sub pedibus .
The filters engineered with Arioso are designed to remove even the finest particles to provide cleaner air discharge in the workplace and the environment.
It has three parts which included intrada, capriccio notturno ed Arioso and Passacaglia and Toccata e Corale.
To conclude a successful season with increased audience figures across the borough, Dr Stewart will be playing: J J Callaerts: Toccata, J S Bach: 'Fiddle'' Fugue in D Minor, F Mendelssohn: Prelude and Fugue in C Minor, D Steele: Arioso, C Saint-Saens: Danse Macabre, S Karg-Elert: Valse Mignonne and L Vierne: Final (Symphonie I) Tickets: pounds 4 (pounds 3 concessions) available in advance from Kirklees Booking Offices, tel 01484 223200, or from the Huddersfield Town Hall box office on the day of the concert.
SOUTH Wales schoolchildren have been learning the difference between arias, arioso and falsetto as they prepare for a one-off opera performance.
Tasso, Camoes, Arioso, Cervantes, and Marlowe "the supreme icons of European imagination" were some others, who created the very polarizations between Christianity and Islam, the latter epitomized by the Turk.
Peter sings a "flash-forwarded" arioso based on the opening stanzas of The Bronze Horseman.
Instead, its power to completely claim the listener came from superbly measured ebb and flow, the meltingly beautiful arioso balanced by the irresistible forward push of the restless closing fugue.
two sorrowful sections marked arioso, which resemble short, lyrical