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(music) a short recitative that is melodic but is not an aria

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Arioso microporous membranes are available in efficiencies ranging from traditional ASHRAE through ULPA for a wide range of applications including HVAC, dust collection, gas turbine, clean rooms, respiratory devices and vacuum cleaners.
A good example of this is Arioso composite media, which provides many additional features that allow us to explore markets and applications outside those traditionally served by Lydall.
The first product developed from Solupor is Arioso, a high performance air filtration composite media that offer durability, high permeability and chemical inertness.
47), in which three different sections of recitative are each answered by the same arioso statement of the phrase "'Tis past, 'til past recall, she must a victim fall.
Lydall Performance Materials has launched Arioso, a new line of high performance air filtration composite media based on Solupor microporous membranes.
Here the listeners and players move through a fluctuating stream of discourse types--aria, arioso, and dramatic, dialogic recitative--which suggests the speech and song of various quartet personae.
Note the potent Sturm und Drang arioso in Deslalevi, o miei fidi to the text "Quanti il mar tesori aduna.
Hill discusses one or two examples for each compositional type: (1) madrigals in reduced polyphony, (2) recitational madrigals anti recitatives, (3) florid arioso madrigals, and (4) strophic variations and verse forms, by far the most pervasive type.
Within this segment, the LyPore liquid filtration media series addresses a variety of application needs in fluid power including hydraulic filters, air-water and air-oil coalescing industrial fluid processes and diesel fuel filtration, while in the gas turbine industry, Arioso media delivers E10 to E12 efficiency at world class low resistance.
One need only compare his setting of Goethe's Night-Song (Uber alien Gipfeln 1st Ruh) with Schubert's to see how, with him, form runs off into sentimental arioso.
He also had when I first met him a string quartet, the Arioso Quartet.
By then, he had an occasion in mind, a commission for the soprano Lucy Shelton, and a sense of the large shape of a song cycle: 'These quatrains will be the long arioso that will need a few before it and maybe one after it.
First generation Solupor membranes are used in avariety of applications, including liquid filtration, transdermal drug delivery, and high performance air filtration through Lydall's Arioso composite media.
Projected Annual Savimas Community # New Water Water Natural Natural Showerheads Savings Savings Gas Gas (Gallons] (Utility Savings Savings Bill) (Therms) (Utility Bill) Arioso 271 1,991,850 $5,420 10,840 $12,195 Avana 409 3.
Arioso is a form between song and recitative, often described as melodic declamation, while aria, in contrast, is an elaborate melodic composition that accents design, expression, and virtuosity, often at the expense of the text.