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Exhibitors such as Ariose Software, NDOT, Retail Juice and TalkBox will be showcasing their innovative apps developed for a wide range of sectors at the Techzone while innovative SMEs such as MobiQuest will be demonstrating their app gems outside the Techzone.
12 December 2011 - UK mobile marketing, loyalty and technology group MobileWave (LON:MBW) said today it had entered into a definitive agreement to buy Indian software solutions firm Ariose Software Pvt Ltd for up to USD1.
In his first four volumes, Romano presented only a very small percentage of texts with tablature (27 poems in all); yet he derived eight of these tablatures directly from Berti's songs, and four others directly from Carlo Milanuzzi's Primo scherzo delle ariose vaghezze (Venice: Bartolomeo Magni, 1622).
The song ~Ohime ch'io cado, ohime ch'inciampo ancora', published by Carlo Milanuzzi in the anthology Quarto scherzo delle ariose vaghezze (Venice, 1624), consists of six variations over a long modulating ground bass.
Secondly, there are numerous examples of madrigale arioso-inspired works in the rest of Ingegneri's canon that are much more in keeping with the homophonic tradition of the genre, most noticeably in the two four-voice books--`Parto da voi et so con quanto pena' in the second of these books was even published in an anthology, Nuove laudi ariose della Beatissima Vergine (Rome, Mutii, 1600).