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(of some seeds) having a fleshy and usually brightly colored cover


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These authors showed that five following characters are likely to be useful for comparison between and within subfamilies: a) whether the inner integument is thick or thin; b) the presence or absence of vascular bundles in the inner integument; c) whether ovules or seeds are pachychalazal or not; d) whether seeds are arillate or not; and e) whether an exotegmen is fibrous or not.
6 arillate seeds (N = 94 follicles), with a range in fresh mass of 50-200 mg.
The arillate seeds of tallow trees are high in lipids and protein (Potts and Bolley, 1946; Bitadze et at, 1992), with vegetable tallow contributing roughly 25% to seed weight (Bolley and McCormack, 1950; Siebert et at, 1986; Huoran and Pengxin, 1991).
The first group contained the "Carisseae," "Ambelanieae" and "Macoubeeae" (fruit a fleshy, indehiscent berry) and the "Chilocarpeae" and "Tabernaemontaneae" (fruit consisting of dehiscent follicles with arillate seeds).
Seeds usually without a coma, rarely with, or very rarely arillate (Isidorea).