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fleshy and usually brightly colored cover of some seeds that develops from the ovule stalk and partially or entirely envelopes the seed

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Aril is the edible part of the fruits and constitutes about one half of total fruit mass (Sarkhosh et al.
Its utilization requires the use of technologies that ensure the fast processing of large volumes of residue to enable the separation of arils and the purification of seeds, allowing the seeds' rapid drying and storage for oil extraction.
Most people crack the fruit open to eat the red juice-filled arils inside, discarding the membrane.
Aril said the families were just waiting word from Mayor Isabelle Climaco-Salazar that they could return to their villages in Mariki and Rio Hondo.
On his coach Aril Anthony's request, Pandey's father allowed him to try his hand at cricket for a year
During the past two months, temperatures have been high but dropped considerably in the last few days, Noori had said, predicting the snowfall would continue until Aril 2014.
Report A report on churchgoing in the UK published by Tearfund in Aril 2007 found that 15 per cent of the population go to church at least once a month.
Atienza shot the high series of 970 at the helm an Oger team that had Joselito Santillan on 875, Irene Aril 859, Jeffrey Sobreviga 856 and Mario Cantina 799.
every morning and know that lam not just an employee, I aril part of a team.
While on the road, her newly established production company, ARIL Films, shot for over three months leading up to her final concert at the Sun City Superbowl.
Camera (color, HD), Aril Wretblad; editor, Theis Schmidt; music, Jon Ekstrand; music supervisor, Jessica Stromberg; production designer, Roger Rosenberg; costume designer, Lisa Holmqvist; sound, Jansson, Johansson; sound designers (Dolby Digital) Jonas Jansson, Jens Johansson; special effects supervisor, Johan Harnesk; visual effects, Filmgate; visual effects supervisor, Tor-Bjorn Olsson; stunt coordinator, Kimmo Rajala; line producer, Sara Waldeck; associate producers, Jonas Fors, Meinolf Zurhorst, Klaus Bassiner, Wolfgang Feindt; assistant director, Johan Lundin; casting, Jeanette Klintberg, Josefin Dean.
In July 2011, a group of scholars attended the ARIL Coolidge Research Colloquium in New York City to explore the Intersection of Religious Pluralism and Jewish-Christian Dialogue.
The proposed gas price increase does not take into account the 11% discount Bulgaria is supposed to get from Russia from Aril 1 because the agreement has not been finalized.
Aril Habib Investments Limited (AHIL), a subsidiary of MCB Bank Ltd has declared interim distribution for all unit holders of three of its Open end Mutual Funds namely Pakistan Cash Management Fund (PCF), MCB Cash Management Optimizer (MCB CMOP) and Pakistan Income Enhancement Fund (PIEF).