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fleshy and usually brightly colored cover of some seeds that develops from the ovule stalk and partially or entirely envelopes the seed

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The arils and peel together had higher total phenolic, flavonoid and tannins content than did the arils alone.
While Ser (0.22) had the lowest score in the aril, it was Met (0.39) in the seed.
After, each fruit was weighed and later divided into its components (pericarp, aril, and seed) to be weighed separately on a digital balance.
Lynda Resnick, who eats a bowl of pomegranate arils every day for breakfast, told me, "We're doing God's work.
RMN >H (400 MHz, DMSO-[d.sub.6]) [delta] (ppm): 2.49 (s, 3H, C[H.sub.3]), 7.59-7.51 (m, 7H, CH, [H.sub.[alpha]], [H.sub.[beta]]), 7.63 (d, 2H, [H.sub.m], aril J= 7.11 Hz), 8.06 (d, 2H, [H.sub.o], J= 6.58 Hz).
Yet by all accounts, he wanted to fight Calvo anyway and it was his brother and business manager Riath who convinced him it would be better to delay things, possibly until late Aril or June.
The nutmeg pod, which has dropped to the ground, is cloaked in a red net or aril. O nce removed, the aril is dried and separated into "blades" at which point it is known by its commercial name: mace.
The diaspore consists of a brilliant black seed ([approximately] 13 x 8 x 6 mm), which is partially surrounded by a cup-like, red, fleshy, aril-like endocarp (van der Walt 1973; hereafter called an aril).
The Taxaceae aril is the fleshy part of the megasporophyll and the apex of the axillary shoot (Chamberlain, 1935; Coulter & Chamberlain, 1917; Florin, 1954; Wilde, 1944).
Like those movie monsters who, when dealt what surely should be mortal wounds, manage to revive themselves and jump out at the prematurely at ease, so too analogical reasoning in law -- ARIL as I shall call it -- is back again in apparent triumph after having been most recently attacked by Peter Westen(1) and Fred Schauer.(2) ARIL's virtues were proclaimed recently by both Cass Sunstein(3) and Scott Brewer(4) in the pages of the Harvard Law Review.
flavicarpa is a specie that presents seeds involved by aril and hard seed coat with a semi-permeable inner layer (Delanoy et al., 2006), which confers a combination of physical and physiological dormancy (Alexandre et al., 2004).
They said that the JKLF Chief was on hunger strike since 10th Aril and was admitted to a hospital in a serious condition four days ago but they were informed about the same, today.
Yew contains a mixture of alkaloids known as taxine, diterpenes, lignans and resin, it is toxic in all parts except the aril. It was used in mediaeval times to treat epilepsy and snake-bite but it is more potent than any European snake and anyone taking yew as a cure is at risk of dying.
Its spokesman, Aril Arif Abd Razak said the programme, which offers a variety of local traditional dishes, was attracting not less than 200 visitors each night.
The National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia has published a report for Aril that shows a monthly increase of 1.1 percent and an annual increase of 15.4 percent in the amount of approved home loans to individual consumers.