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a deficiency of moisture (especially when resulting from a permanent absence of rainfall)

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It unravels a Dionysian land where "tutto era oblio", where the Khamsin, the dazzling aridness, and the whiteness of stony cemeteries meet the marble blocks of Carrara, which "risplendevano al sole come le nevi eterne"; a land where the dissolution of boundaries finds its match, if irreverently, in a Dantean paradisiacal deluge.
Though set in a hard-scrabble, hillside village--shot near Ayvacik, ,just south of Troy, on Turkey's northwest coast--film celebrates not the aridness or despair of the people's lives but their hidden desires and dreams, regulated by nature, the seasons and the metronomic beat of the calls to prayer that divide their days into five sections.
In the period of Sontag's greatest influence, when she had declared realism in contemporary fiction to be passe, when novels were to be admired for the aridness of a stringent metaphysics, a deep discord descended, a choking chaos suffocated.
Deeply concerned with the spiritual aridness of Spain, Unamuno searches for a balm for the national soul, and proposes to find it in the spiritual abstraction of Don Quixote.
Performances from the group - soprano Sarah Westwood, Alan Davis (recorder), Jean Gubbins (viola da gamba, cello) and Richard Silk (harpsichord, chamber organ) - bring scholarship without aridness, authentic style without preciosity.
models how one might play literary games in a post-ironic context, in a context that avoids the emotional aridness too often associated with innovative prose.
Wallace Stegner has argued that land, scale, and aridness are defining characteristics of both the American West and writings about the West.
Like the heartbeat of the present opposing both static silence and the tick of the clock, this rhythmically self-renewing moisture counters both sterile aridness and the ooze of decay.
But in places like this the middle-class mentality flourishes with the fertility and aridness of the Bathurst Burr [18] itself.
They have become the missionaries to our generation who can deliver us from much of the aridness that passes for Presbyterianism today.
This ability to give a humanity to sociological themes offsets some of the aridness that arises when they are placed in the context of postmodernism.