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the quality of yielding nothing of value

a deficiency of moisture (especially when resulting from a permanent absence of rainfall)

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It has been suggested that higher temperatures and increased aridity have exerted selective pressure on leaf morphology, resulting in the evolution of narrow, involute, acicular leaves from ancestors with wider leaves (Ezcurra et al.
Aridity defines everything else about the West: the colors of the land, the patterns of erosion, the clarity of the air, the way the plants grow in clumps, the lack of population.
This period of aridity and fluctuation is generally argued to be associated with the onset of ENSO (El Nino/Southern Oscillation) conditions and a weakening of the northern monsoon (Markgraf et al 1992; McGlone et al 1992; Schulmeister and Lees 1995).
I conclude that (1) high-elevation environments in tropical mountains are more arid than similar elevations in middle-latitude mountains as a result of both higher evaporative demand and lower rainfall, and (2) that aridity can significantly contribute to the scleromorphy of tropical alpine plants which had previously been attributed to low temperature or high radiation effects alone.
A climate's degree of aridity is a permanent and measurable characteristic, despite fluctuations.
Most of her years in the convent were marked by great aridity in prayer, "a terrible blackness" as she herself described it, in which she spoke of Jesus as "hiding.
Due to the aridity of this area and the quality of the soil, it will be at least a century before the new forest approaches the level of maturity of the one that was lost.
These invasions, which built up over several thousand years, happen to coincide with periods of greater and greater aridity in the fringe areas of the globe.
Issues of land conservation include: soil salinity, aridity, erosion, revegetation, and catchment and farm planning.
What gives his work such unsurpassed force and depth is a rare ability to convey both the emotional aridity of modern civilization and the spiritual and physical pleasures inherent in the ancient rhythms of day-to-day human life.
Studies that concentrate on the police organization as the problem (as in the focus of the vast majority of accounts quoted by Friedmann) will constantly reveal the aridity of the concept and its asocial and ahistorical character.
Lost Lady, A Novel by WILLA CATHER, published in 1923, depicting the decline of the American pioneer spirit and the aridity of small-town life.
The enormous open spaces, the aridity of the region, the ways in which people make their living, the large amounts of federally owned land represent only a few of the differences.
To Kaynes's more daring generation he appeared timid; and although his preoccupation with philosophical definitions seemed to concur with the later dominance of linguistic analysis among the logical positivists, this was by no means a promising sign, given the aridity of that discourse.
Brydges, the Hudson's Bay Company land commissioner, publicly emphasized the region's aridity.