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Synonyms for aria


Synonyms for aria

a pleasing succession of musical tones forming a usually brief aesthetic unit

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an elaborate song for solo voice

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In conjunction, the company's Janssen CarePath Savings Programme offers an affordability option for SIMPONI ARIA, where eligible commercial patients pay just USD5 for each infusion for SIMPONI ARIA medication costs.
Will Aria be able to convince her friends that she is still on their side or will this be the end of their friendship?
A nice fioratura passage at the end of the aria allows the singer to demonstrate vocal agility.
At the age of five, Aria spoke her first words and also took her first steps unaided.
Headquartered in Novi, MI, Aria Energy provides baseload renewable energy to utilities and other customers across the United States.
GEA Filtration is to deliver a total of five high-tech filtration units to the factory, carefully adapted to Aria Foods Ingredients' special demands and specifications.
One winner who guesses all of these features correctly wins himself the Tata Aria.
Aria is hoping this wall make the yoghurt, which comes in two flavours-pineapple & mango and strawberry & vanilla, appeal to young consumers looking for a cheap yet healthy snack to eat on the go.
We learn from archival documents precisely where the aria So ist denn diB der Tag figured in the frigid January ceremony, and are provided with a facsimile of a pen-and-ink drawing capturing its performance (or.
Gwyneth, to her credit, may know a thing or two about singing: She's scheduled to perform an aria from Mozart's "Magic Flute" on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" on Monday.
By prefacing each aria and sacred work with a listing of instrumentation, Hurwitz uses a device not usually seen in a study of vocal works.
Rapidly rising at the intersection of Power Street and Manhattan Avenue, the new condominium, ARIA, will soon establish a distinctly modernist presence through unusual undulating angles, oversized glass windows and a dramatic entranceway in the shape of the letter "A" that segues into an exciting lobby designed by Andres Escobar with renowned art consulting firm, Novo Arts.
The state-owned telecommunications company PT Telkom has terminated contract with PT Aria West Internasional after the joint operation (KSO) partner refused to pay its obligation in the form of Minimum Telkom Revenue amounting to Rp 509 billion.
The latest release of the Aria Subscription Billing Platform includes a variety of new capabilities that make the solution easier to use for companies with customers or operations or outside the U.
Shay Carl Butler does not have a baby on the way with Aria Nina.