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Synonyms for arrhythmic

lacking a steady rhythm


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without regard for rhythm

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Presenting a touchingly arhythmic figure despite a lifetime of passionate immersion in music, and balancing his intelligence with a disarming hint of social awkwardness, Sewell deftly shapes the character's path from passivity through persecution to rehabilitation and unexpected, somewhat whimsical deliverance.
From the unsettling arhythmic beat of opener Shoot to the altogether more relaxed Elegy at the close, this is a remarkable set of songs that fulfils all that early promise and more.
Starting out with roughly the same lineage, each band is now steadily diverging, Magnetophone edging closer to brutally distorted arhythmic sound and Plone becoming like the real deal seaside promenade kitsch, hunched over their keyboards, spouting enjoyably childlike melodies, all instantly hummable.
Such arhythmic vers libre would be more effective if typed out all the way to the right margin as prose poetry, such as can be found in writers like Baudelaire, Lautreamont, and Michaux.
The singers' texts comprise meaningless syllables, and the largely static and arhythmic vocal lines impart a ritualistic, even a hieratic, quality to the music.