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The end points of the study in ICU for analysis were, an episode of arhythmia lasting for at least 5 minutes, number and energy of shocks required, response to cardioversion, episodes of haemodynamic instability (systolic BP less than 90 mmHg), requirement of an antiarrhythmic drug and requirement of additional ionotropic support.
Hoffman said that, although such properties characterize all chlorinated hydrocarbons, the risk of cardiac arhythmia now prevents their use.
Syncope, convulsions, and, very rarely, cardiac arhythmias can also occur.
The arhythmias start by an automatic stimulus in the reperfused zone and change afterward in a reentry multiple wavelet type of VT and VF.
Potential side effects occurring at higher dosage levels are sympathetic stimulation, decreases in arterial oxygen tension in the immediate post-therapy period, cardiac arhythmias, and hypoglycemia.
Digoxin (Digitek, Lanoxin), which is used to treat heart failure and arhythmias, can cause nausea and vomiting, but in older adults it also can cause loss of appetite and confusion.
14) showed that propranolol or other BB drugs could lead to quinidine-like arhyhtmias (QRS prolongation) and these arhythmias could response to intravenous bolus NaHCO3 treatment.