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a Buddhist who has attained nirvana


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In response, the Buddha affirms that despite his attainment of arhatship Udrayana cannot avoid being murdered by his son, and that in consequence of his two anantarya crimes Sikhandin will fall into the Avici hell.
According to the Vinayavibhanga, Udrayana attains arhatship before his execution, and thus his death marks the end of his samsaric existence.
73) Instead, they contend that the Bodhisattva under Kassapa Buddha had aspired to attain Buddhahood in the future and thus had begun a career different from that of a gravaka, whose aim is Arhatship.
We might also observe that Ananda is the very last of the Buddha's senior disciples to attain arhatship.
Compared with the situation in the Pali Canon, in which women are at least as capable as men of attaining the highest goal, arhatship, the position of women in Mahayana has hardly changed for the better.