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(Greek mythology) a giant with 100 eyes

large brilliantly patterned East Indian pheasant

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When they reached the trench and the wall that was before the ships, those who were on guard had just been getting their suppers, and the slayer of Argus threw them all into a deep sleep.
Bill and Stuart are the Argus Self Storage Sales Network broker affiliates for Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana.
The producer group, which accounts for 40 per cent of the world's oil output, will use Argus's prices for evaluation, analysis and reporting from January 1, Argus said in a statement.
Featuring video guided workouts, a heart rate monitor, sleep tracker, pedometer and social community, Argus gives people all the data, coaching and camaraderie they need to do more and live healthier.
Argus bridges the gap between car connectivity and security, helping make the road a safer place.
According to Argus, the AVX index is designed to offer the Australian gas industry a reliable weekly price reference for natural gas traded on the Victoria Declared Transmission System for delivery on a month-ahead basis.
Making our dental plan options available through a centralized, consumer-driven site is right in line with our mission to promote easier access to affordable dental care," said Nicholas Kavouklis DMD, founder and president of Argus Dental Plan, which provides a variety of quality-based Prepaid Dental Plans, Dental Discount Plans, Dental Saving Accounts (DSA), Dental PPO, and HMO.
Argus previously held a 49% interest in FCC, acquired with its takeover of UK fertiliser price reporting agency FMB Consultants Ltd in June 2011.
Argus Media chairman and chief executive, Adrian Binks, said, 'Fundalytics data are a complementary service to the pricing and analysis services provided by Argus for international natural gas markets.
Argus Media is the leading independent provider of price assessments, business intelligence and market data on the global crude oil, refined products, LPG, gas, electricity, coal, emissions and transportation industries.
The Argus has always been part of my long-term goals," French said.
argus in Brazil are genetically and taxonomically distinct from their Caribbean counterparts, have raised questions about the status of the three genetically distinct spiny lobsters reported by Silberman et al.
Abudi Zein, chief operating officer of Energy Argus, said that integrating these publications into their existing channels "will also introduce a new set of clients to the independent analysis that is the hallmark of the Petroleum Argus Group.
Lead researcher Donald Argus said the fabled Big One is still more likely to take place along the San Andreas Fault, but with Los Angeles' dense population, ``a moderate or large earthquake here is as dangerous as a magnitude big earthquake on the San Andreas Fault.