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(Greek mythology) a giant with 100 eyes

large brilliantly patterned East Indian pheasant

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Last year, Argus was the 24th largest exporter listed.
Caribbean Panulirus argus samples were randomly selected from the samples examined by Silberman et al.
Abudi Zein, chief operating officer of Energy Argus, said that integrating these publications into their existing channels "will also introduce a new set of clients to the independent analysis that is the hallmark of the Petroleum Argus Group.
This name change illustrates our position as a leader within the commercial real estate industry," says Mark Kingston, president and CEO of ARGUS Software, the Houston-based company formerly known as Realm Business Solutions.
The jet fuel c+f (cost and freight) Durban cargo price can be found in the daily Argus Jet Fuel and Argus Asia-Pacific Products reports, and is based on the jet fuel price in the Mideast Gulf, adjusted for the cost of transportation of 35,000t jet fuel cargoes from the Mideast Gulf to the key South African import location of Durban, as assessed in the daily Argus Freight report.
2B RAD Group, who is considered by many as one of the "Founding Fathers" of Israel's High-Tech Industry, has co-founded Argus and serves as its Chairman of the Board.
Petroleum Argus said the purchase of the letters "demonstrates a long-term commitment to the energy industry in South America, Central America and the Caribbean.
They include Argus LatAm Energy and Argus Latin Markets.
The Argus II implant consists of an array of electrodes that are attached to the retina and used in conjunction with an external camera and video processing system to provide a rudimentary form of sight to implanted subjects.
The new multi-year contract, which provides administrative management of pharmacy claims for millions of Cigna's commercial plan members currently serviced by Argus, will be effective January 1, 2016.
TFS has agreed to pay Argus Media a substantial sum in an out of court settlement that resolves legal actions in the High Court in London.
Japan, Korea and China, concurs with Realm's globalization strategy: "Having ARGUS available in different languages is a major step towards achieving a global standard to compare values for commercial income properties.
The assurance review was conducted by independent professional services provider PwC and examined the policies and processes that Argus uses to establish price benchmarks for oil, thermal coal, coking coal, natural gas, biomass, fertilizer and petrochemicals.
The Golden DRAGON ARGUS assembly comprises four thin-film, highly luminous LEDs (two green, one blue and one red) in a "marquis jewel" arrangement.
Brazil is a key player in the global fertilizer market, and Argus FMB Fertilizer Brazil will help companies in this sector to understand its intricacies.