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Synonyms for argumentativeness

the quality or state of being argumentative

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By the way, the emphasis or greater rigor present in this pattern is responsible for a more pronounced argumentativeness load at the time the speaker elaborates his speech.
SR] were the experts' levels of argumentativeness (theoretical preparation, source of arguments and awareness) (r = 0.
Conflict sentences utter criticism, argumentativeness, or aggression that conveys one's struggle to overcome someone or something.
2: tension, thirst, talkativeness, argumentativeness, oversensitivity, hyperactivity, irritability, hunger
s accusations--unbelief, argumentativeness, and destructiveness to true Christianity--seems to anticipate their being "repurposed" for as-of-yet undiscovered heresies.
The effects of debate participation on argumentativeness and verbal aggression.
Specific complaints that the TBI family members have identified postinjury as causes of stress and strain include behavioral problems (aggressiveness and irritability; McPherson, Pentland, & McNaughton, 2000; Santos, Castro-Caldas, & De Sousa, 1998) and sudden or rapid mood changes and argumentativeness (Marsh, Kersel, Havill, & Sleigh, 1998), whereas emotional control and disinhibited behavior (e.
Keywords: aggressive communication, argumentativeness, verbal aggressiveness, communication motives
Perceived instructor argumentativeness and verbal aggressiveness and student outcomes.
Mode Deactivation Therapy is seen as preferred alternative to other approaches, which sometimes sets up an atmosphere of argumentativeness.
They consider such topics as verbal aggression and prefrontal cortex asymmetry, understanding the role of verbal aggressiveness and argumentativeness in international negotiations, reconsidering the role of aggressive communication in higher education, mapping the domain of aggressive communication within medical care, the interactionist model of teasing communication, taking conflict personally and its connections with aggressiveness, and verbal trigger events and other catalysts and precursors of aggression.
Argumentativeness in superior-subordinate communication: A essential condition for organizational productivity.
Those emerging as leaders were associated with argumentativeness and communication apprehension, and combined were better predictors of leadership than either communication trait individually.
How argumentativeness and verbal aggressiveness relate to cohesion, consensus, and satisfaction in small groups.
Longitudinal research in various countries indicates that children who are victimized for a long period are more likely to manifest internalizing behaviors such as depression and withdrawal, and externalizing behaviors such as aggression and argumentativeness (Rodkin & Hodges, 2003).