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in a disputatious manner

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Instead, he merely presents, as a counterexample, an alternative ethical system that, in his opinion, is argumentatively validated but does not imply self-ownership (and is therefore not libertarian).
But who is trying to pragmatically and argumentatively fight out the ideology go Taliban or the terrorists?
A picture of unconfined rage, Mascherano, now of Barcelona, was sent off by referee Steve Bennett for constantly haranguing him over decisions the Argentine consistently and argumentatively disagreed with.
While they may not do so as bluntly and argumentatively as, for example, many Germans would, there is a degree of explicitness to Mainland Chinese communication with insiders that remains unequalled by British and New Zealand culture.
And earlier grades may need to master narrative writing skills that include opening with an engaging hook and clearly identifying a problem, for instance, she says, while middle school students beginning to write argumentatively will have to know how to make a claim and back it up with evidence from assigned texts.
We are speaking about the level of imagined in which the Jewish history argumentatively twists and turns in the wake of a haunting image chasing after the Jews.
For once, one cannot argumentatively sustain that this first group of the inquiry--the workers in a small town--, exactly like many others who tend to positively evaluate the recent past, forgot the atrocities of the repressive regime they lived under for half a century.
In the case of chattel slavery, the master would be unable to argumentatively justify his use of force against the slave.
Former MP Slobodan Najdovski concludes for Utrinski Vesnik that the Government is aware that it can not argumentatively oppose the writings of the "Economist" and therefore remained quiet.
One is fixed in a contemplative pose that approximates Rodin's sculpture "The Thinker" while the other gestures argumentatively.
They are simply methodologically, thematically, and to a certain extent argumentatively more of a kind with traditional cultural materialism.
This same need explains why in America, instead of flexible standards of interpretation such as the classic interpretative criteria applied argumentatively, we have been inclined to treat interpretation itself as rule-based.
Rather, my inquiry points out, first, that the idea of African American literature emerged from beliefs that by virtue of what writers might accomplish aesthetically and argumentatively, black imaginative literature could collectively play a central role in dismantling Jim Crow; second, that the conditions of Jim Crow made these beliefs about the political efficacy of literary production plausible.
Drawing on Rainer Schurmann's claim that the Plotinian henological difference--understood as a deeper, non-metaphysical version of the ontological difference--can and should be seen as the 'phenomenological difference' (between appearing and what appears), Barbaras contends--through reasoning that is argumentatively tight but extrememly detached--that Patocka's phenomenology is a henology.
All this was done argumentatively, basing oneself on criteria under investigation and on their values and weights.