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Synonyms for argumentative

Synonyms for argumentative

Antonyms for argumentative

given to or characterized by argument

References in classic literature ?
"Why not?" broke in her son, growing suddenly argumentative. "Why shouldn't she be conspicuous if she chooses?
Snagsby, signifying that he will throw him an argumentative back-fall presently if he be not already down, "a brother and a boy.
Sometimes these reminiscences lead to an argument; for it has been the fate of my life to become attached to argumentative persons.
'This shows, you see,' said Mr Vuffin, waving his pipe with an argumentative air, 'this shows the policy of keeping the used-up giants still in the carawans, where they get food and lodging for nothing, all their lives, and in general very glad they are to stop there.
Lorry opened his hands, and extended them outwards with an argumentative smile.
Micawber, in her argumentative tone, 'to be the Caesar of his own fortunes.
For ensuring merit, the interviewers should focus on argumentative questions rather than irrelevant questions.
Students from 58 countries took part in the event and Mezoon beat around 1,200 students to secure first place in the argumentative essay writing and individual writing categories.
Members from both opposition and treasury benches should not take pride in actions like these; rather move towards critical and argumentative discussion that could yield productive results and conducive environment for a session.
A website to own argumentative essays Us citizen research projects dissertation suggestions spend to have groundwork accomplished grasp thesis what exactly is it a web site to obtain argumentative essays.
New Step by Step Roadmap for Good Argumentative Essay Topics Vital Pieces of Good Argumentative Essay Topics
A House committee member interjected and called out Rocamora for pursuing an 'argumentative' line of questioning.
The study was based on a curricular unit of argumentative writing within the ELA curriculum.
This is evidenced by the fact that climate skepticism, at least in the United States, frequently assumes argumentative presumption in this argumentative situation.
You can't have it all, though - and this week tiresome irritant Elizabeth and stroppy and argumentative Joanna were on the winning team and so live to irritate and cause arguments for at least another week.