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Synonyms for argumentative

Synonyms for argumentative

Antonyms for argumentative

given to or characterized by argument

References in classic literature ?
His eye happening to light upon John Baptist with this inquiry, that little man briskly shook his head in the negative, and repeated in an argumentative tone under his breath, altro, altro, altro, altro--an infinite number of times.
And solely looking at it,' said her husband, making the stipulation at once in a conciliatory, complimentary, and argumentative tone--'as I am sure you will agree, my love-- from a fellow-creature point of view, my dear.
Really, my dear Sir, really;' and the little man took an argumentative pinch of snuff, and looked very profound.
This shows, you see,' said Mr Vuffin, waving his pipe with an argumentative air, 'this shows the policy of keeping the used-up giants still in the carawans, where they get food and lodging for nothing, all their lives, and in general very glad they are to stop there.
Sommer that salsa can begin with an argumentative discourse, "Do you dance on the '1' or the '2'?
Several noted that they began their research with an argumentative stance but changed to conflict resolution when they saw validity in both sides of their issue or when their research showed that the issue is more complex than figuring out simply who was tight and who was wrong.
I think Berry points us in a better direction than do the Jesus Seminar and all the argumentative fundamentalists.
This argumentative and contradictory book defends the thesis that Italian Latin pre-university education did not change in substance between 1200 and 1500, and it dismisses the claims of the humanists and modern scholars that it did.
As one mismatched, argumentative couple ponders breakup by the end of episode 1, another copes with a partner's "runaway bride" reputation.
Her mother reportedly became argumentative and hostile during the incident, and was subsequently convicted of drunken driving and second- and third-degree assault.
Mrs Armstrong, of Ferndown, Dorset, changed from an ambitious, successful officer into a "grumpy, argumentative, belligerent and disillusioned one", the court was told .
His comments reflect a pattern among some observers that while Coren is respected for his talent, range of knowledge, and argumentative versatility, he continues to rub some people the wrong way.
The argumentative power of utilitarianism does not allow for a counterposition, whatever that might be.
You have to decide if it's important or if you're being argumentative.
Passionate about his various concerns, he was argumentative and could be very 'difficult', inspiring devotion and making enemies.