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Synonyms for argumentation

the presentation of an argument or arguments

Synonyms for argumentation

a discussion in which reasons are advanced for and against some proposition or proposal

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Could it be that Young confuses the ethics of argumentation with contractarianism?
If that is not his claim, one can only wonder why he lards his paper with references to argumentation ethics and to Hoppe's defense of 100 percent self-ownership.
We note that neither the libertarian nonaggression principle nor the ethics of argumentation precludes any group of persons from committing themselves, by their free and informed consent, to live and work together according to the requirements of a particular ownership scheme that deviates from libertarian self-ownership.
Notwithstanding argumentation studies that have been the focus of much discussion in literature, relatively little work has analyzed the discourse structure of oral English argumentation (Paltridge, 2001).
A Review of the Literature on Argumentation and Spoken Genre
This section provides an overview of literature in both argumentation studies and spoken genre analysis.
Pretend play is a fertile ground for argumentations, because plans, intentions, and actions are negotiated and coconstructed.
The main goal of the current study was to gain a deeper understanding about argumentations in both settings, employing similar criteria of comparison.
The textual aspect refers to features related to the participants' stances (8) (following Berman, 2004; Berman, Ragnarsdottir, & Stromqvist, 2002); that is, the participants' attitude, and the extent by which generality, immediacy, and certainty play roles in the way children formulate their argumentations.
Moreover, every human being goes through a stage early in life when his rational faculties and his knowledge of the world are still insufficient to allow him to participate in argumentations.
Moreover, to assume the contrary would make all argumentations about anything other than the current argumentation itself pointless--and that would make the current argumentation pointless.
Twenty years ago, Hans-Hermann Hoppe presented (3) the argument that no justificatory argumentation can invalidate the principles of libertarian capitalism (4) because those principles are presupposed in every dialogue in which their validity would be questioned.
High quality postings" in AMANDA are represented by controversial opinions, refuting argumentations, and postings insufficiently debated within the group.
providing participants with the right of response in the presence of refuting argumentations (right-of-reply sub-goal), implemented by the Reply mechanism;
It must also be noted that the concluding state might never be reached, because refuting argumentations will always demand further cycles to be resolved and it is unpredictable whether common agreement will ever be achieved.