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Synonyms for argumentation

the presentation of an argument or arguments

Synonyms for argumentation

a discussion in which reasons are advanced for and against some proposition or proposal

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Hoppe's argument raises the question, which norms underlie the praxis of argumentation and are therefore logically undeniable for any person who claims to take argumentation seriously.
During the last three years, we focused in particular on the quality of discourse and argumentation that occurs during the whole class sharing time in the lesson.
Adams focuses on a practice of public argumentation rather than a theory about its possibility, since he contends that one cannot theorize its grounds.
Not infrequently, lobbyists eschew persuasive argumentation in favor of simply "hiring" a few legislators.
Habermas's insistence on a real dialogue and honest communication among participants is a shift away from solitary decision-making to a model of participation and rational argumentation for or against some action (Rebore, 2001; 2003).
Both the attitudes and argumentation of these documents, the authors said, have created perplexity and disagreement.
Reeh's attempts to assign canonical status to the argumentation of "The Mass Ornament" (he refers to it as a "seminal programmatic essay" and a "general program of cultural criticism") provide a good case in point.
Yet Swift's cautious and painstaking argumentation is sometimes to be preferred to McReynold's sometimes breathtaking conclusions.
Rhetorical Argumentation in Biblical Texts, edited by Anders Eriksson, Thomas H.
The argumentation model employed by AMANDA extends the classical argumentation models (Eemeren & Grootendorst, 1984; Karacapilidis, Papadias, & Gordon, 1996; Simari, 1989; Chesnevar, 2000) by introducing the notion of "multi-issue, multiparty argumentative discussions.
Keefer studied history at Stanford under professors who believed "it's not all subjective impressions; it's not just however you feel or whatever; there really are facts"And Timpane, a former English professor who taught at Rutgers, Stanford, and elsewhere, co-wrote Writing Worth Reading, a textbook that included a large section on "how to avoid the pitfalls of easy argumentation and how to make a strong argument without making some of the errors, like .
This paper presents a novel, hybrid approach to solve this situation by combining a neural network for classification along with a defeasible argumentation framework which models preference criteria for performing clustering.
Flaws in the book's argumentation are compounded by factual inaccuracies and other indications of careless composition or sloppy editing.
The revised and slightly reorganized second edition of Bas Aarts' English Syntax and Argumentation (henceforth ES&A) is a fresh and carefully designed introductory book, well-suited to provide help out of such mistaken-identity dilemmas.
Evans draws upon the methodology of the founder of modern sociology, Max Weber, to describe an evolution in this debate during the years of his study from "thick" or substantively rational to "thin" or formally rational forms of argumentation.