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While New Hampshirites pride themselves on their fiscal conservatism, their track record on social issues places the state arguably to the left of Massachusetts.
A physician's participation in the political process and/or in electioneering is arguably ethical rather than exploitative if six criteria are met:
When a man who ran as a moderate conservative governs from the far right after winning an election he has arguably lost, when he lies about the reasons for launching a war and then criminally bungles the management of that war in such a way that it will redound to the country's disadvantage for at least a generation, I think folks are entitled to be miffed.
Under the proposed amendments, the making of a promise about or the surrender of such rights arguably gives rise to a potentially substantial tax burden because (i) the rights associated with each promise are valuable and (ii) the proposed amendment to section 68 of the Act would seemingly require an allocation of consideration to such promises even where it would be unusual or commercially impractical to do so.
We were excellent against Aston Villa in the last round and we're really looking forward to pitting our wits against arguably the biggest club in the world.
He will share his journey which has taken him from humble beginnings to become arguably Australia s most influential chef.
40pm regions vary) THE short but sweet Comedy Playhouse revival concludes with arguably the most promising pilot of the lot.
Speaking via Skype to a large audience at the South by Southwest Interactive festival, Assange said that the ability to surveil everyone on the planet is almost there and, arguably, will be there in the next couple of years.
The 7-3 final against Eintracht Frankfurt in 1960 is arguably the greatest game of club football ever played.
Arguably, Sunderland haven't done well in this area since Dave Bowman left with Mick McCarthy, and they need someone tenacious and with the razor-sharp contacts that he had.
The best Gold Cup trial was arguably made by Hunt Ball, who travelled very well for a long way on ground he hates before dropping away to finish a distant third.
The Mary Berry Story BBC Two, Tuesday, 8pm The real winner of The Great British Bake Off is arguably Mary Berry.
If there are any doubts, Arguably, Hitchens' last collection of articles, should dispel them.
The 32-year-old agreed a two-year deal with the Chinese Super League club, becoming arguably the biggest footballing personality ever to ply his trade in the world's most populous nation.