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Men's use of gay argot fostered their sense of collective identity.
Argot Partners will relocate from a 4,293 s/f on the 29th floor to the entire 34th floor of the building, increasing its footprint by more than 3,000 s/f.
Eyez presents, in the argot of hip-hop, why "Indian" mascots are most inappropriate.
NOTTINGHAM 6.00 Ferryview Place 6.30 Maiden Approach 7.00 Explosive Lady 7.30 Katie Gale 8.00 Tanqeya 8.30 Argot 9.00 Simply Shining.
NOTTINGHAM: 6.00 Ferryview Place, 6.30 Maiden Approach, 7.00 Explosive Lady, 7.30 Katie Gale, 8.00 Tanqeya, 8.30 Argot, 9.00 Simply Shining.
That said, the embrace of limited series (industry argot for the 13-episode arcs popularized by the cable networks) and an "always on" programming strategy has broadcasters prepared for the worst.
"She would also want to see spreadsheets detailing the number and cost of salespeople, to understand how Twitter can "scale" across the world, in the tortured argot of VCs.
The first is written in a dense Marxist argot that focuses on the "real subsumption" of use-value into circuits of exchange.
Ahhh Runnymede and argot. Much has fortunately changed with the English language, forsooth, since that day in the paddock in 1647 and good golly gosh, how glad I am that the language has not stood still.
Por el contrario, en otros grupos de mamiferos la morfologia postcraneal esta ampliamente estudiada y ha sido utilizada intensamente con fines taxonomicos y morfofuncionales (Howell, 1926; Hatt, 1932; Robert, 1974; Taylor, 1974, 1976; Evans, 1993; Gebo y Sargis, 1994; Argot, 2001, 2002, 2003; Sargis, 2001, 2002a,b; Morgan y Verzi, 2006; Candela y Picasso, 2008; Flores y Diaz, 2009; Morgan, 2009; Abello y Candela, 2010; Morgan y Verzi, 2011; entre otros) y mas limitadamente en estudios filogeneticos (Horovitz y Sanchez-Villagra, 2003; Giannini y Simmons, 2005; Flores, 2009).
The grapes are used for Kruse's Argot Wines, which makes about 2,000 cases.
My friends were so impressed with the genuineness suggested in the well-presented storyboard depiction of Iran leading to the 1979 revolution that they entirely missed the visual-vocal cinematographic argot employed during the rest of the 2-hour movie past those first few minutes; or the accuracy in details, and the spark used to ignite the latent jingoism in an American audience by making a "mostly Canadian" event, one of glorification to America and the illusory exceptionalism of her people.