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someone engaged in a dangerous but potentially rewarding adventure

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(Greek mythology) one of the heroes who sailed with Jason in search of the Golden Fleece

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cephalopod mollusk of warm seas whose females have delicate papery spiral shells

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Of course, there are always challenges during any exercise that involves so many nations but after the evacuation of Lebanon in 2006, we realised that we must all be more coordinated as a group of nations and that is what Exercise Argonaut has allowed us to become.
Thoroughly engaged in completing their F/A-18E combat operations, the Argonauts could not shift their focus to the F-35C until they had departed 5th Fleet.
To minimize the impact of mining activity on the land, the federal government said Argonaut must adhere to 120 conditions to protect fish and wildlife habitat, protect human health, and allow First Nations to use the area for traditional purposes.
Jason's companions were called Argonauts after their ship, the Argo.
Oliver Russ will handle the 2 new funds making use of the same endowment process as he does in handling the FP Argonaut funds.
That's some of the recent out-of-office time enjoyed by the 85 staffers at Argonaut, which also gives staffers $500 a year to "enrich their creativity." "We're an industry hinged on creativity," said Margo Menapace, head of culture and talent.
Under the agreement, ARGONAUT will serve as the company's global agency of record to deliver creative work in the U.S., while partnering with relevant agencies around the world to ensure that MetLife presents unified brand in all of the markets where the company does business.
"The Argonauts is about these small, miraculous domestic dramas, and the ardent acts of readjustment and care that they require, but it is also a reconsideration of what the institutions established around sexuality and reproduction mean if you come at them at a slant, if you disrupt them by the very fact of your being....
The purpose of the Argonaut Project is to rapidly develop a first-generation FHIR-based API and Core Data Services specification to enable expanded information sharing for EHRs and other health information technology based on Internet standards and architectural patterns and styles.
Silver Standard Resources Inc (NASDAQ: SSRI), a company that acquires, explores for and develops natural resource properties, primarily silver, has signed a definitive agreement with United States-based Argonaut Gold Inc (TSX: AR).
Evolution of the argonaut shell was the key adaptation for a holopelagic life cycle independent of the requirement to lay benthic egg masses, as in other cephalopods (Nixon and Young, 2003).
Colliers International, on behalf of M1 Real Estate, has arranged a 160,000 s/f, full-building office lease of the Argonaut Building at 224 West 57th street.
So is Argonaut Liquors, which as a business dates back to the period immediately following Repeal, and is now housed in its third location along the busy street.
Travel Business Review-February 18, 2011--Pebblebrook Hotel Trust Acquires Argonaut Hotel in San Francisco(C)2011] ENPublishing -
PURCHASEAT: Mile High Wine and Spirits, 303-579-5226; Whole Foods, Merchant of Vino, 303-488-2000; Argonaut Liquors, 303-831-7788.