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an agent that produces coagulation


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The combined device they used is called the ExplorAr Argon Plasma Cutting Electrodes (APCE) with Argon Beam Coagulator (ABC)[R].
Hemostasis is accomplished using intracorporeal suturing, argon beam coagulator and fibrin sealant (Floseal Tisseel, Baxter, Vienna, Austria) (Fig.
The roles of the surgeon and assistant surgeon could be influenced by their interest and experience in splenic salvage surgery, (15) the availability of prosthetic material such as mesh for splenic salvage surgery, (31-33) and the availability of technology that facilitates splenic salvage surgery, such as an argon beam coagulator (34,35) or intra-operative laboratory back-up.
Opening chapters review safety measures, anesthesia, laser technology, endoscopy, the harmonic scalpel, and the argon beam coagulator.
He used a medical instrument called an argon beam coagulator - which seals bleeding blood vessels by directing a beam of electricity onto the area - to inscribe two patients' livers while they were under general anaesthetic.