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resembling or containing clay

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Dark bluish-grey slightly argillaceous to pure skeletal packstones and grey sorted crinoid grainstones of the Kaugatuma Formation (early Pridoli) are exposed on a 200 m long seashore (H.
Bick/Mark Longson Glossary: argillaceous a limestone containing
The mountain is underlain by relatively higher permeability sandstone units of the Cumberland Group, which overlie low permeability argillaceous siltstone and shale of the Pomquet Formation.
The dolomitic part of K1 is characterized to be mudstone, mudstone to packstone, beige, moderately hard to hard, crystalline to cryptocrystalline, have occasional pelloids, pebbles and shell fragments, have local mudcracks in mudstone, slightly argillaceous in parts, have thin layers of anhydrite and o have good to fair vuggy and intercrystalline porosity.
Mohammed Sulaiyim Said Al Shukaili's thesis is titled 'Geological Investigation of the Argillaceous Zones of the Upper Shu'aiba Member in northwestern Oman'.
Accelerated reclamation of alkaline argillaceous soils of Azerbaijan.
Brown argillaceous soils are restricted to the foothills and valleys.
The Rus Formation (Lower Eocene) is composed of fossiliferous doloitic limestone with thin argillaceous limestone grading upward to well-bedded limestone.
Raven emphasized that the results thus far indicate that the highly indurated shales and argillaceous limestones through the proposed repository horizon have limited spatial variability, high Rock Quality Designation (RQD), are uniform and predictable and lack any offsetting vertical faults.
This cycle was completed with deposition of impure carbonates, argillaceous and thin sandy beds.
API oil lying in Shiranish argillaceous fractured carbonates and the Albian Jawan lagoonal fractured carbonates.
Natural tracer profiles across argillaceous formations; the CLAYTRAC project.
An argillaceous zone intercalated with sandstone layers between 4,800 m and 5,519 m and presenting a sandstone reservoir with a total thickness of 110 m with low matrix porosity (<5%).