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a white clay (especially a white clay used by potters)

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Zhang et al., "Study on application of argil fly-ash concrete to highway-bridge abutment-backfill," Rock & Soil Mechanics, vol.
The lithologic substratum is mainly made up of Neogene marine sediments (marl, argil, gravel, grit stone, and limestone) and, in various places, of continental Quaternary deposits generated by their sedimentary or fluvial reshufflings.
Int J Health Geogr 8:18; doi:10.1186/1476-072X-8-18 [Online 3 Argil 20091.
Having already established good outreach on the home front, [we argil now turning to strengthening relationships and risk dialogue with regulatory partners around the world."
in the case of "aqua-fortis cement" (cement resistant to the influence of acids; the expression comes from French) mentioned in various works (Vicat, 1837; Heath, 1893): "The remarkable cement known by the name of the 'aqua-fortis cement' is nothing more than a combination of argil and potash, resulting from a very feeble calcination of nitre and moistened clay.
Argil, a special sticky type of clay, is broiled in special ovens after being shaped into pieces and then the pieces are covered with a layer of gypsum and they are decorated with a glassy material called enamel.
Six candidates had submitted documents to bid in the tender opened by the Bulgarian Energy Holding for Belene consultant - HSBC, Societe Generale, KPMG in a consortium with McGuire, Rothschild, Argil, and Ernst & Young.
Cotton, argil and profile were among the main Uzbek goods exported to Iran and petrochemical products, tile and ceramic were among the main Iranian products exported to Uzbekistan.
Judge Mark Eades told Nomicas, of Overseal Road, and Westley, of Argil Close, both Wednesfield, it was sad to see them before the court for such a serious crime.
Arheo- ehk paleo-etnobotaanika keskendub inimtegevuse ja kultuuri uurimisele, seostades looduslikust keskkonnast parit leide taimede kasutuse ja sihiparase umberpaigutusega peamiselt igapaevaelu ja asustust umbritseva maastiku kujundamise eesm argil. Taimed, mida inimesega seotud paikadest leitakse, on suure toenaosusega taitnud toiduainete, ravimite, toor- ja ehitusmaterjalide ning energiaallikate ulesandeid, samuti rahuldanud inimeste rituaalseid ja esteetilisi vajadusi (vt Willerding 1978; Hall jt 1982; Steuer 1986; Hastorf & Popper 1988; Greig 1989; Zeist jt 1991; Jacomet & Kreuz 1998).
KPMG analyst Eduardo Argil credits aggressive financing for solid 2002 sales, despite faltering foreign demand.