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containing or yielding silver

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It is worth remembering that only very rarely do we see 'pure' argentiferous gold or copper employed for any of these objects--typically, they contain both copper and gold, even if one of these elements may only be present in tiny concentrations.
Argentiferous solutions percolating through the brecciated limestone were impeded by the overlying shaly transition zone between the Guillmette Limestone and the overlying Pilot Shale.
By the early fourth millennium BC, metalworkers throughout Southwest Asia had discovered that certain argentiferous lead ores when smelted produced lead metal rich in silver, and that by oxidising the lead within specialised ceramic vessels, the lead oxide penetrated into the ceramic leaving the silver metal behind (Hess et al.
The principal ore was an argentiferous galena that formed a columnar body to the 220 metre level of the mine.
The intercept consists of massive argentiferous galena and sphalerite with patches of unmineralized wallrock.
The ore minerals are argentiferous galena, sphalerite and minor chalcopyrite, magnetite and arsenopyrite.
The intercept consists of massive argentiferous galena and sphalerite with minor patches of unmineralized wallrocks similar to the high grade mineralization currently being mined.
Silver mineralization occurs largely as argentiferous galena within the matrix of a rhyolite breccia with very favorable metallurgical characteristics.
Drilling is continuing on other exploration targets in the area, and a recent drill hole five kilometres away intersected an argentiferous silicified zone close to surface with a grade of 230 grams of silver per tonne over 32.
Geologically, argentiferous quartz, rhodonite-quartz and adular-quartz veins occur in Cretaceous andesite volcanics.