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any plant of the genus Argemone having large white or yellow flowers and prickly leaves and stems and pods

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Argemonine and norargemonine were isolated from Argemone hispida in 1951 (Schermerhorn and Soine 1951), and argemonine N-oxide was for the first time isolated from Argemone gracilenta in 1969 (Stermitz and McMurtrey 1969).
Mukerjee et al isolated a toxic substance from Argemone oil in 1941, with an empirical formula C20H15NO4 that was later identified as sanguinarine.
common burdock Argemone polyanthemos (Fedde) prickly poppy G.
Argemone mexicana decoction for the treatment of uncomplicated falciparum malaria.
Este plano bioquimico se ha construido con estudios de biosintesis en plantas y/o cultivos celulares de Argemone mexicana, Berberis stolonifera, B.
The GFDCA already has an on-the-spot food product detection kit, which can detect 21 types of adulteration, such as urea in milk, argemone in oil, traces of metals in food, aluminium in place of silver foils and others.
Green synthesis of silver nanoparticles using Argemone mexicana leaf extract and evaluation of their antimicrobial activities.
Plant collection and extract preparation: Fresh plant materials of Argemone subfusiformis and Urtica urens were collected in November 2006 from the wild around the University of Fort Hare campus, Alice, South Africa.
Caesalpinioiadeae Irwin & Barneby Canela de urubu Hypenia salzmannii(Benth) Lamiaceae Cardo santo Argemone mexicana L.
En Trujillo, Peru, se conocen dos generos con bioactividades muy particulares: Argemone y Tagetes.
II * * Sporobolus rigens II V III Atriplex lampa II IV II Junellia aspera * IV * Calycera spinulosa * IV * Panicum urvilleanum * II * Senecio subulatus * II * Distichlis spicata * III III Plectrocarpa tetracantha II * IV Schismus barbatus * * II Tessaria absinthioides * * III Baccharis spartioides * * III Prosopis strombulifera * * III Allenrolfea vaginata * * II Cortaderia rudiuscula * * II Tessaria dodonaefolia * * II Cyclolepis genistoides II II III Suaeda divaricata III II IV Atriplex argentina * * III Otras acompanantes: Tillandsia capillaris, Tillandsia bryoides, Xeroaloysia catamarcensis Argemone subfusiformis, Gymnophyton polycephalum, Lithraea ternuifolia, Stipa sanluisensis, Prosopis abreviata, Viguiera giliiesii.
los obtenidos con metanol de Eucaliptus globulus, Argemone mexicana L.