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wild sheep of semidesert regions in central Asia

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The collection of field data was based mainly on direct observations of Darwin's argali along the mountain ridges (Klich & Magomedov 2010).
We identified the sex and age of Darwin's argali according to the length, thickness and shape of horns (Fedosenko & Blank 2005).
Argali activity synchronization was recorded by scanning animal groups at 3-min intervals.
The sequence of Wild Argali SPLUNC1 cDNA and the inferred amino acids was shown in Figure 2B.
The phylogenetic tree generated from nuclsotide sepuences ([degrees]igurn4)revealeda close relationship between Argali and Oris aries.
The SPLUNC1 cDNA sequence of the Xinjiang Wild Argali for test was obtained by RT-PCR, 5'RACE, and 3'RACE methods.
1997) reported on aerial surveys of argali in the Gobi desert of Mongolia using distance sampling, but cost and logistics have prevented replicating this type of survey.
We conducted surveys in the Ikh Nart Nature Reserve in east-central Mongolia that allowed us to estimate the number of argali present in late summer/early autumn 2009 using two independent methods.
Unlike most areas inhabited by argali elsewhere in central Asia, the topography in Ikh Nart is gentle enough to allow ground-based observers to follow systematically-placed transects without major deviations from a straight line.
Mr Argalis spent two years in coal mines in South Wales before moving to Coventry in 1951 to work at the Brico foundry, where he stayed for 30 years.
I do not suggest that hunting Marco Polo's argali in the Pamirs of Talikistan equates to climbing Mount Everest, but this highest dwelling, longest-horned and most legendary of all the world's true wild sheep has long represented an ultimate adventure and an ultimate trophy.
The third and best reason is that bunting Marco Polo argali in Tajikistan is one of the world's greatest hunts.
I have seen 500 Marco Polo argali in one day, and rarely have I seen less than 50.
Mixed in the milling mass were a half-dozen mature rams with thick horns that flared out in the classic argali curl.
My Marco Polo argali is a wonderful specimen, an old ram with tremendous mass and a beautiful shape.