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any of several bog orchids of the genus Arethusa having 1 or 2 showy flowers

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1982), "Notes on Greek Wedding," Arethusa 15: 185-186, hereafter abbreviated "NGW.
Echoing these concerns, Pharamond promises the King, as he publicly consents to the arranged marriage with the King's daughter Arethusa, that he will act as a chronicle by preserving the King's name to future ages through begetting heirs (1.
Re-Imagining Pliny the Younger, Arethusa, 36:2, 2003, 127-146.
As Suspiria's "bridge gathers cohesion and strength from the increasing resistance into which it is forced," Arethusa is transformed from "victim" to a kind of "ruler of the oscillations," though one still defined by threat, estrangement, and disappearances.
The US landmark was named by Captain Peter O'Connor who was master of the schooner Arethusa which sailed between Sligo, where he lived, and New York.
Posteriormente, en 1775 Cramer describio a Papilio arethusa y a Papilio laodamia en 1777.
The vivid poetic portraits of figures of ancient mythology, the amorous Pan, the frivolous Phaeton, the wretched Niobe, the gleesome Bacchus, the contemplative Narcissus and the fleeing Arethusa, created by Britten for the "water" section of the Aldeburgh Festival, represent a great challenge affording the oboist plenty of wonderful possibilities how to persuade the listener that his instrument is not only able to give the concert pitch at the beginning of the performance but also to conjure up a timbre-differentiated expression and, in the case of someone like Vilem Veverka, a surprising dynamic range as well.
Sixteen of us gathered at AMC's Shapleigh Bunkhouse in Crawford Notch for graduation weekend, which included a choice of hiking the 4,000-footers or taking lower elevation trips to the magically frozen Arethusa Falls and Mount Willard.
Breathtaking views across the valley to Chirk Castle are among the features which attracted David and Elizabeth Franklin to Arethusa.
The boats on the river were shifting gently on the water and Under Milk Wood ran through my mind, the lines about the 'black, dab-filled sea where the Arethusa, the Curlew and the Skylark, Zanzibar, Rhiannon, the Rover, the Cormorant and the Star of Wales tilt and ride.
The ancients believed that the Alfeios ran under the sea and came to the surface in Sicily, where it sprang up as the Arethusa, the modern Fonte Aretusa, near Syracuse.
Consider storage ability when choosing carrots for your fall garden, says Thomas Case, owner of Arethusa Farm, a certified organic farm near Burlington, Vt.
STRIKE A POSE: John Lennon outside Apple Tailoring ON SHOW: John Lennon, Amanda Lear, and George Harrison at the Arethusa Restaurant celebrating the opening of the Apple Tailoring Shop LIFE THROUGH A LENS: Star snapper Bill Zygmant
23) Also, Poem 10, which opens with Extremum hunc, Arethusa, mihi concede laborem ('Grant me, Arethusa, this final undertaking') and ends with a general farewell to pastoral poetry, serves as a conclusion to the whole collection, a function which the fifth poem cannot, by definition, have.