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relating to or like or divided into areolae


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Surface of podetia smooth, continuous in upper parts, areolate in lower parts; often slightly squamulose.
venezuelensis, both of which have carinate sculpture on the mesoscutum; the second group comprises the rest of the species of Acanthaegilips and it is characterized by the presence of areolate sculpture on the mesoscutum.
Thallus areolate, with lobed margins, yellow green; apothecia 0.
Pre-episternum and mesepisternum coarsely and contiguously punctured on upper half, punctures blending into dorsoventrally elongate areolae on ventral half and on venter; hypoepimeral area coarsely and contiguously punctured; metepisternum horizontally striate on upper two-thirds, ventral third somewhat areolate.
viride (source Tibell & (source Tibell & Ryan 2004) Ryan 2004) Thallus immersed, grey granular, green Capitulum brown pruina brown pruina Ascus size 35-44 x 3-4 20-25 x 4-5 ([micro]m) and shape cylindrical clavate Ascospore size 8-10 x 3,5-4,5 11-14 x 5-7 ([micro]m) Arrangement of uniseriate biseriate to spores in the asci threeseriate Ascospore spirally arranged spirally arranged ornamentation ridges; occasional ridges to cracked- irregular cracks areolate Chemistry norstictic and rhizocarpic acid placodioloic acids and epanorin
3); venter areolate but also bearing larger warts admixed with smaller granules; pair of subconical subanal warts; no anal sheath; upper surfaces of limbs smoother than dorsum; series of 4 low ulnar tubercles; palmar tubercle bifid, much larger than oval thenar tubercle; supernumerary palmar tubercles present; subarticular tubercles round, nonconical; fingers bearing lateral fringes; disks of outer fingers about twice as wide as digit below disk, round apically; disks of inner fingers smaller, round; all disks bear ventral pad, completely defined by circumferential grooves; first finger shorter than second; no nuptial pad in males.
Thallus evident, areolate to subsquamulose; prothallus lacking 3 2.
Veins areolate along mid-veins of leaflets, forming a series of chain-like loops; son elongate and located along each side of mid-vein in single chain-like rows Blechnaceae (in part)
adiastolus are present in the specimen captured in this study, such as skin on dorsum shagreened and weakly areolate on venter, dorsolateral folds present, tympanic membrane differentiated and posterior surfaces of thighs brown.
Petiole: Dorsal face areolate in lateral view, with very small ventral process below peduncle (Fig.