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Synonyms for areolate

relating to or like or divided into areolae


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venezuelensis, both of which have carinate sculpture on the mesoscutum; the second group comprises the rest of the species of Acanthaegilips and it is characterized by the presence of areolate sculpture on the mesoscutum.
Thallus areolate, with lobed margins, yellow green; apothecia 0.
Thallus evident, areolate to subsquamulose; prothallus lacking 3 2.
Veins areolate along mid-veins of leaflets, forming a series of chain-like loops; son elongate and located along each side of mid-vein in single chain-like rows Blechnaceae (in part)
Zygophlebia, usually has areolate venation (regular anastamoses), and is also characterized by having glandular paraphyses, but these trichomes are brown, and thickly viscid, with sori adhering in a single sticky mass (Bishop, 1989b).
adiastolus are present in the specimen captured in this study, such as skin on dorsum shagreened and weakly areolate on venter, dorsolateral folds present, tympanic membrane differentiated and posterior surfaces of thighs brown.