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relating to or like or divided into areolae


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Twelve terms encompassing structures often called fascia have been proposed [9]: dense connective tissue, areolar connective tissue, deep fascia, superficial fascia, interosseous membranes, intermuscular septae, epimysium, perimysium, endomysium, periosteum, neurovascular tract, and intra- and extramuscular aponeuroses.
This was discrete from genitalia and was associated with a nipple areolar complex (Fig.
On the 7th day the predominant phenomenon was developing areolar connective tissue in hypoderm from deep parts of the wound into the empty space.
A self-retaining retractor was used to separate the brachioradial and flexor carpal muscles, and a silicone elastomer vessel loop was placed around the RA pedicle to include the RA vena communicantes and fatty areolar tissue.
Estas vainas constituyeron el epineuro, tejido areolar que envuelve el nervio e incluye a los vasos intraneurales (12, 20, 32), facilmente identificable por tratarse de un nervio multifascicular (1, 29).
The vaginal mucosa is then dissected off the underlying rectovaginal septum distally and any enterocele proximally In the upper third of the vagina, lateral dissection is extended in the pararectal space until areolar tissue is encountered.
As well as beautifully shaped eyebrows and eyeliner that never smudges, Linda also specialises in lip liner or full lip colour, beauty spots and areolar (nipple) work.
Kaynagini meso telial dosenmis pleura altinda, areolar doku icindeki mesenkimal hucrelerden alir.
The flap was separated from the underlying deep temporal fascia easily, as the loose areolar tissue on the deep surface presents minimal resistance to elevation.
The factors accounting for the preservation of the fovea in atrophic disorders are not well understood, but foveal preservation is also present in a number of other conditions, including Stargardt disease, cone dystrophy, central areolar choroidal dystrophy, and plaquenil toxicity (Gass, 1997).
Kizlarda seks maturasyonu evresi siniflandirilmasi Evre Pubik killanma Meme gelisimi 1 Prepubertal, pubik killar yok Prepubertal, duktus dokusu palpe edilemez 2 Labiumlarda seyrek, duz hafif Minimal areolar memenin oldugu pigmente killanma meme tomurcugu 3 Mons pubise yayilmis daha koyu Areolanin disinda meme dokusu renkli, kalin, kivircikli killar 4 Mons pubise yayilmis daha koyu Meme tepesinin uzerinde ikinci renkli, kalin, kivircikli bir tepe yapan areolanin killar varligi 5 Uyluklarin ic kismina yayilmis Eriskin yapi eriskin dagiliminda killar (Tanner JM: Growth at Adolescence, 2nd ed.
The idea for a removable ink originated from one of Klitzman's surgical residents, Kim Koger, who noted that mastectomy patients often get a tattoo to simulate the areolar area around a nipple reconstructed from tissue.
A commercially-prepared (permanent) slide of mammalian areolar (loose) connective tissue with extracellular fibers fits the former description.
Tissues external to the cartilage consisted of loose, areolar connective tissue, muscle, and dilated blood vessels.