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relating to or like or divided into areolae


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Moreover, vesicovaginal space dissection should be performed medially at the midline within the loose areolar tissue because lateral extensions during dissection could cause bleeding from the bladder pillars (vesical veins).
The posterior and lateral dissection is a brisk process up to the mid-sacral level because of the presence of the loose areolar tissue as the cleavable plane; beyond that level, dissection involves identification and division of a few fascial fibers, vessels, and nerves.
All patients were given sub areolar, peritumoural injections of 37 MBq (1 mCi) 99mTc labeled nanocolloids (NanocollA(r) GE Healthcare Inc.) pre-operatively, on surgery table.
The Results: The bacteria in the infant's stool was closely associated with the bacteria of the mother's breast milk and areolar area.
Coxae: Pedipalpal coxa with distal marginal seta of the disk (dps) 0.06-0.10 mm long, areolar insertions of disk setae dps-mpslps forming a 50-53[degrees] angle (Fig.
She has had a slowly enlarging growth on her left breast for the past two years, which initially started as a small papular lesion in the nipple areolar complex.
Among the physiological changes, most common were the pigmentary changes including linea nigra, areolar pigmentation and melasma followed by connective tissue changes mainly including striae gravidarum (Table 1).
Primary choroidal dystrophies which affect the central macula are referred to as central areolar choroidal dystrophy, posterior polar central choroidal dystrophy, posterior polar annular dystrophy, posterior polar hemispheric dystrophy, and central and peripheral annular choroidal dystrophy.
Noting that little is known about the vertical transfer of breast milk microbes from mother to infant, researchers examined bacteria in samples from breast milk, areolar skin swabs, and infant stools in 107 healthy mother-infant pairs.
Durante a fase tropical umida, a distribuicao areolar da Mata Atlantica assumiu contornos expressivos nas paisagens intertropicais, denunciando uma fase extensiva de dissecacao das vertentes e espessamento dos mantos de intemperismo com o consequente desenvolvimento dos mosaicos de solos.
Subcutaneous and areolar tissues were then carefully dissected to identify the temporalis muscle fascia, after which a piece of temporalis fascia was harvested and compressed for reconstruction.
Scalp is an acronym for skin, connective tissue, aponeurosis, loose areolar tissue and periosteum.
They emphasize meticulous measurements and techniques to ensure that the nipple areolar complex is retained in a suitable position for best aesthetic outcome.