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relating to or like or divided into areolae


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The differential diagnosis of this condition included central areolar choroidal dystrophy, geographic atrophy, and pathologic myopia.
During their first 30 days, breastfed infants obtained a mean of 28% of their gut bacteria from breast milk and 10% from areolar skin, the investigators said (JAMA Ped.
There were no problems related to skin flaps, and the nipple areolar complex which was previously transferred as a graft was viable, although both breasts have markedly lost their projections (Fig.
El leiomioma cutaneo es una neoplasia benigna que se diferencia a partir del musculo erector del pelo, el musculo liso vascular o el musculo liso dartoico areolar o vulvar (1).
The treatment group received endoscopic thyroidectomy through the anterior chest wall via the areolar approach, and the control group was treated with conventional open thyroidectomy.
Surrounding the lymph node the excess fat and areolar tissue has been dissolved away, bringing the lymph node tissue to the foreground.
used surgical clips or sutures placed on the circumference of the areolar margin at the 3, 6, 9, and 12 o'clock positions and a fifth marking clip or suture immediately underneath the nipple to evaluate perioperative pathology.
Este espacio tiene tejido adiposo, tejido conectivo laxo areolar, linfaticos, arterias, raices nerviosas y plexo venoso.
Second, the subcutaneous tissue, which consists of a loose areolar tissue where the lymphatics and veins lie.
The loose areolar tissue between the two heads of the gastrocnemius and its accompanying venous plexus was incorporated into the flap design.
Between muscles that move extensively, it takes the form of loose areolar connective tissue and provides a degree of mechanical isolation.
Following peri-areolar de-epithelialisation using scalpel, the lumpectomy was performed as enbloc of skin and parenchyma down to the pectoral fascia in form of a pyramid with the base at the areolar margin and the apex at the lateral extremity of the breast.
5 cm CVRL was very thick and consisted of large collagen fibres, elastic fibers, and loose areolar tissue with few smooth muscle cells.
In addition, some investigators identify the loose areolar tissue surrounding the nerve, termed "paraneurium" or "mesoneurium.