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Synonyms for fussy

Synonyms for fussy

Synonyms for fussy

overcrowded or cluttered with detail


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exacting especially about details

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Most guys aren't fussy when it comes to getting laid.
I guess we are lucky because the children aren't fussy eaters," laughed Melissa.
Head lice aren't fussy about whose heads they live on - clean heads are as good as dirty ones.
At least animals aren't fussy about their food, don't bring noisy, troublesome children with them, and come suitably dressed for their surroundings.
The scientists aren't sure why some birds like a clean box and others aren't fussy.
Magnolias aren't fussy about soil type, but they need good drainage and thrive in soil amended with lots of humus.
And Pollock insists the Hammer-based side aren't fussy - a trip to either Windsor Park, the Oval or Solitude will do.
BIRDS aren't fussy about the style of garden they visit, but your friends might be.
Compared with some traditional farm animals, they are very low-maintenance in terms of veterinary care, and they aren't fussy eaters.
Lice aren't fussy - they'lllive on clean or dirty,long or short hair,'' explains Ann Green, a nurse practitioner based at the Liverpool City Drop In Centre in Great Charlotte Street.
TAKEAWAY food fans who aren't fussy where they dump their leftovers are being blamed for bringing sewer rats on to the streets of the West Midlands.
They aren't fussy about soil, but do need sun to perform well.
Plants aren't fussy about soil as long as it is fast draining.
The Baggies were the division's basement club as they pulled up at Maine Road but, hey, City aren't fussy - they'll lose to anyone and that's what leaves Keegan boiling with frustration.
You see, two year olds aren't fussy about how they eat their chocolate.