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any of several tall tropical palms native to southeastern Asia having egg-shaped nuts

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She couldn't see through the steel gates but the tall areca trees were visible above them.
Some of the most popular types of l i l d k i ( palm include kentia (Howea forsteriana), areca (Areca catechu) and dragon (Dracaena marginata).
You are canoeing 250 ft over a place where once stood a bustling market where areca nut, cardamom and pepper was briskly bought and sold.
vasicine and vasicinone in several botanicals such as Xylopia aethiopica, Peganum harmala epigeal parts, Areca catchu nuts and Gloriosa superba roots as abortifacient bioactive agents and/or their role in the contraction and relaxation of uterine muscles (9-12).
Its standard selection of palms comprises Tropical Date, Washingtonia Fan, Cocus and the new Areca Palm.
uk); Pot on floor with plant in - stylist's own; Large fake Areca palm pounds 249.
The research team had introduced Thai Traditional Formula medicine (TTFM) in the treatment of helminthes and compared the efficacy and side effects among Mebendazole (500 mg) and Areca catechu Lin.
Some of the indoor plants you can get for your home include money plant, areca palm and snake plant.
Oral precancerous disorders associated with areca quid chewing, smoking, and alcohol drinking in southern Taiwan.
Thus Siri was born, from a flower pod of areca nut palm (pingara).
Areca use following migration and its consequences.
Lacy fronds from a small areca palm Younger picked up at a home improvement store decorate the table and all four corners of the shady, striped umbrella.
Bariai contributions to the trade network in the mid 1980s consisted of pigs, the most valued commodity in the archipelago, consumables such as taro, sago, areca nut, tobacco, pandanus mats and leaves for thatch, shell money, cassowary feathers, trochus shell armlets and women's fibre skirts.