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a passageway between buildings or giving access to a basement

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Areaways are usable space, generally in the street right-of-way, constructed under sidewalks between a building foundation and the street wall.
Improving these areaways is an action included in the South Downtown Strategic Plan.
In urban areas of Japan, attempts have been made to introduce natural ventilation into basement rooms for residential purposes by using so-called areaway space.
From the perspective of indoor-air quality, the primary benefit of an areaway is the improved natural ventilation performances in basement spaces.
By using the exceedance probability analysis method and the simple evaluation approach, the influence of a variety of parameters, including opening configuration, areaway plan area, building coverage ratio, orientation, and construction site of the model, are further investigated.
The length and height of the areaway space are fixed, while its width (w) can be changed to allow investigation of the influence of areaway plan area (A) on ventilation performance in the basement space.
Table 1 shows the parameters investigated using the exceedance probability analysis, including opening configuration, areaway plan area building coverage ratio (R), orientation, and construction site of the model.