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a passageway between buildings or giving access to a basement

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From the perspective of indoor-air quality, the primary benefit of an areaway is the improved natural ventilation performances in basement spaces.
I wish we could get to some vegetation--some green, but we don't seem up to stirring these days beyond some unknown's areaway around a corner.
But that has to be done when the birds areaway from the nests.
The fence was set on a low continuous curb, and the gate to the areaway was located either directly adjacent to the stoop or directly in front of it.
This is true, I think, even of the spectacular jumble of tires, hundreds and hundreds of them, deployed in the areaway below street level in front of the museum.
Tenders are invited for work consist of concrete repair, areaway grates removal and replacement, close vault slab opening w/new slab, grout injection waterproofing, brick repointing, interior painting, structural steel cleaning and repair, expansion joint replacement, parapet replacement, masonry cleaning, and stone replacement.
The four-story townhouse is cited as one of the best examples of Greek Revival homes with features such as machine-pressed red brickwork, stoop and areaway with wrought-ironwork, and an entrance with pilasters.