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a passageway between buildings or giving access to a basement

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Project Description : This ongoing program implements inspection and repair of areaways in the Pioneer Square District to reduce risks to City
Areaways are usable space, generally in the street right-of-way, constructed under sidewalks between a building foundation and the street wall.
From the perspective of indoor-air quality, the primary benefit of an areaway is the improved natural ventilation performances in basement spaces.
If you have a finished basement or an areaway, make sure the drains are clean and that you have a battery backup to protect your investment.
Rafa is assessing the players while we areaway on this tour and in due course we will be talking to the play-ers who are in the final years of their contract, '' said the chief executive, who will today discover Liverpool's Champions League qualifying opponents.
Now all we need to remember is that a man is innocent until proved guilty and we areaway.
The four-story townhouse is cited as one of the best examples of Greek Revival homes with features such as machine-pressed red brickwork, stoop and areaway with wrought-ironwork, and an entrance with pilasters.
Me and Mrs Pub Column may not be south enders, but many years ago, when this famously alive and bohemian areaways a mini ECHO colony, The Albert was one of our regular weekend haunts.
Areaways struckon Wednesday to stage the biggest fight in British boxing history at Cardiff's Millennium Stadium on November 3, with Kessler probably Welshman Calzaghe's toughest opponent yet.
Implicitly, we are all encouraged to follow a moral consciousness that is at home equally with Ruskin, Morris, and Blake as with, as Bellow describes it in Herzog, "Chicago: massive, clumsy, amorphous, smelling of mud and decay, dog turds; sooty facades, slabs of structural nothing, senselessly ornamented triple porches with huge cement urns for flowers that contained only rotten cigarette butts and other stained filth; sun parlors under tiled gables, rank areaways, gray backstairs, seamed and ruptured concrete from which sprang grass; ponderous four-by-four fences that sheltered growing weeds.