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the act of observing something (and sometimes keeping a record of it)

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Release date- 15082019 - Vicon Industries, Inc., designer and manufacturer of video surveillance, access control software and hardware and cameras, today introduced its new SN688D-WIR PTZ dome camera, taking large area monitoring to the next level with a camera that is truly all-seeing.
Tracerco managing director Andy Hurst says: 'Our key focus for our new Observa fixed area monitoring is to help our customers combat potential radiation risks in line with the ongoing regulatory drive for safer working practices.
* Wide area monitoring systems (WAMS) and stability solutions for GCCIA interconnection project to guarantee stability and reliability of grid networks in GCC countries.
After studying the air quality conditions, there are two ways to implement OAM: direct measurement of incoming outdoor air volume at the air-handling intake or area monitoring of [CO.sub.2] levels in a room or space.
Firefighters were in the area monitoring the situation early yesterday morning.
Allegro Industries' complete line of sampling pumps delivers area monitoring of mold, lead, and other dangerous particulates.
The unit complies with all the latest health and safety regulations covering work area monitoring of robots.
The ViewPoint system from Thermo Electron Corporation of Waltham, Massachusetts, provides real-time personnel and area monitoring during routine and outage operations in the nuclear power industry and other applications where radiation is a concern.
Version 6.1 of NaviCare's Patient Flow System includes Business Area Monitoring (BAM), which enables real-time monitoring of patient flow and capacity usage.
The SmartMaxll is available for area monitoring of hazardous gases and vapors.
An updated product note from Control Instruments Corporation describes the SmartMaxII monitoring system for area monitoring of hazardous gases and vapors.
Firefighters were in the area monitoring the situation at around 8.30am this morning.
Meeting OSHA and AHERA standards, the company offers a complete line of mold sampling pumps that deliver area monitoring of mold, lead, asbestos, and other dangerous particulates.
(Haines City, FL), and Five Star Sterilizer Services (Lubbock, Texas) each added the Steri-Trac[R] area monitoring system to their sales efforts and have already begun promoting the product, which is capable of monitoring employee exposure to Ethylene Oxide, Hydrogen Peroxide, and Ozone.