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the act of observing something (and sometimes keeping a record of it)

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GPFs use the information gathered from wide area monitoring and SOF intelligence before conducting a response or site exploitation.
Tracerco managing director Andy Hurst says: 'Our key focus for our new Observa fixed area monitoring is to help our customers combat potential radiation risks in line with the ongoing regulatory drive for safer working practices.
Wide area monitoring systems (WAMS) and stability solutions for GCCIA interconnection project to guarantee stability and reliability of grid networks in GCC countries.
The package includes Aaestop and goAAE automatic distance control with front assist area monitoring system which adapts the vehicleAAEs speed to that of the one ahead and gives a warning if any car approaches from behind.
Other environmental credentials include a biomass boiler, high standards of insulation, a passive natural ventilation system, on-site water treatment system, reed beds, rainwater harvesting feeding the on-site lake, bat boxes and bricks, ample cycle parking and a display in the reception area monitoring energy use.
Allegro Industries' complete line of sampling pumps delivers area monitoring of mold, lead, and other dangerous particulates.
The unit complies with all the latest health and safety regulations covering work area monitoring of robots.
1 of NaviCare's Patient Flow System includes Business Area Monitoring (BAM), which enables real-time monitoring of patient flow and capacity usage.
The ViewPoint system from Thermo Electron Corporation of Waltham, Massachusetts, provides real-time personnel and area monitoring during routine and outage operations in the nuclear power industry and other applications where radiation is a concern.
An interpretation panel will also be fitted into the school's reception area monitoring and displaying how much electricity the wind turbine is generating and how it equates with domestic usage.
The SmartMaxll is available for area monitoring of hazardous gases and vapors.
An updated product note from Control Instruments Corporation describes the SmartMaxII monitoring system for area monitoring of hazardous gases and vapors.
Tenders are invited for Daily Up Keeping Of Control Rooms, Lcc Rooms, Lab Rooms And Other Office Rooms & Area Monitoring At Main Plant Site Buildings In Pfbr, Bhavini, Kalpakkam
Meeting OSHA and AHERA standards, the company offers a complete line of mold sampling pumps that deliver area monitoring of mold, lead, asbestos, and other dangerous particulates.