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a unit of surface area equal to 100 square meters

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Ambit Partner and CEO, Ashok Wadhwa commented that "The concept of growth for Ambit with a collaborative strategy was further emphasized by the partnership with Nikko AM who are the best in class in the asset management business.
Original we may try to be, but we are always circumscribed by what has gone before.
Struggling carriers are more susceptible to tougher regulatory requirements and fierce price competition because their business tends to be concentrated in a particular distribution system or product mix.
We are pleased to add Jacksonville to the Radio AAHS family.
Conventional AM/FM radio implementations are large, expensive and difficult to manufacture, limiting the inclusion of AM radio functionality in many small, portable, high-volume applications.
There are a lot of things I will miss about Los Angeles.
We are very excited that such a strong station as AM 1360 is being added to our rapidly growing format
The natural catastrophe modeling questions are designed to gain further insight into a company's catastrophe risk management.
The stations being sold include 10 that are part of the Aahs network: WJDM-AM (1660) in New York; KPLS-AM (830) in Los Angeles; WAUR-AM (930) in Chicago; WPWA-AM (1590) in Philadelphia; WCAR-AM (1090) in Detroit; KAHZ-AM (1360) in Dallas-Fort Worth; WWTC-AM (1280) in Minneapolis; KIDR-AM (740) in Phoenix; KKYD-AM (1340) in Denver; and KMUS-AM (1380) in Tulsa, Okla.
The indexes are compiled in real time and distributed on major financial wires by Dow Jones Indexes.
I hope all the people who are in orphanages and homeless shelters have a good thanksgiving.
This lawsuit is about a breach of contract by Delta Air Lines and how that action has devastated the lives of thousands of dedicated and hard-working people," said Patricia Herlihy, a spokesperson for Severed Employees' Legal Fund, a committee representing 8,000 former Pan Am employees, several of whom are named as plaintiffs in the class action suit.