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extreme effortfulness

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In seeing through the arduousness of style and the accretion of ambitions in these works, Wright perceptively and often persuasively recovers what is most fundamental in them.
The arduousness of the field can be better understood by all those privileged to practice obstetrics.
It means being aware of arduousness, if not desperation, of the struggle, knowing adversity will keep knocking you down-particularly given that the future is rife with new calamities-but like Sisyphus continuing to climb the mountain, aware only that each step forward is a victory in itself.
Stan gets very little respite from the pain and arduousness of his job and his strained relationships.
Yet the perceived nature of the journey's difficulty continues to artificially separate tourism from pilgrimage: miraculous healings, merit, and above all communitas are supposedly created (or earned) during pilgrimage's penitential arduousness.
Contextualizing Orientalism in this fashion makes thinking against the grain of civilizational attitudes the aspiration rather than the accomplishment of arguably his finest work; and it allows us to see that the arduousness and vulnerability to failure of this enterprise were the sustaining principles and driving energies of his remarkable career.
Greenblatt provides a "fly on the wall" glimpse into the lives of monastic scribes, the arduousness of hand copying, and the intricacies of book preservation, inspiring a deeper appreciation for book culture and textual legacy.
In his liner notes, he expresses the wish "for all who listen to this version of the Bach Suites musical enlightenment and not bravado, beauty instead of strength, and joy over arduousness.
The arduousness of the journey and the weight of responsibility would suggest that mature men in reasonably good health would have predominated.
The answer is implicit in the text, which indicates the time when he first fell in love, the nobility of this lady, and the arduousness of his goals--all elements present in the previous quotation (Proem 3).
Conscious of the hard work, perseverance, possible poverty, courage, and renunciation of popular applause necessary to success (15)--of" the arduousness and difficulties of a career so facile in imagination," which George Henry Lewes saw George Eliot emphasizing in Daniel Deronda (Letters, VI:193)--she had no advice for aspiring women except what she constantly told herself: work hard; constantly exert more effort.
Error-minimizing arduousness would be based on a type of soft
All the way through we were trying to communicate the arduousness of the trip," she said.
The fact that top-department authors continue to publish in special issues of field journals (and that we see many publications in invited journals and nonjournals) suggests that the arduousness of the publication process is playing a role in deterring submissions.