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Synonyms for ardour

Synonyms for ardour

a feeling of strong eagerness (usually in favor of a person or cause)

intense feeling of love


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feelings of great warmth and intensity

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Dunciad,' with quite a furious ardor in the tiresome quarrels it celebrates, and an interest in its machinery, which it fatigues me to think of.
Each year, when the Alaska Legislature ponders the billion or so dollars that comprise the state's budget, a few minutes--in some office or committee room--are set aside to consider the fate of the $660,000 line item to continue funding of ARDORs.
Fourteen years later, ARDORs could be compared to a teenager growing up in a large, extended family: seen by some as failing to live up to expectations, yet seen by others as having great promise.
ARDORs have a hard time answering the budget-writer's question "What specific jobs have you created through developing new business?
In any case, ARDORs of 2002 bear only some resemblance to what was envisioned by legislators--particularly former State Sen.
You can call me the Mother of ARDORs, but I'm not sure if that's good or bad," said Sturgelewski, former gubernatorial candidate and statewide political leader.
Today, some of the state's most successful ARDORs are based in urban areas such as Kenai and Juneau.
Meanwhile, other ARDORs have taken on educational programs to help prepare local high school students for new opportunities, particularly in tourism.
Awakened to the power of visual art by a chance encounter with a picture in an Amsterdam shop window, Winterson describes her subsequent ardors of autodidacticism, then proceeds to lay down the law on how to really look at a painting.
com) is excited to announce that it has signed an agreement to be the exclusive distributor of Ardor Sports (www.
Ardor Sports offers a full spectrum of professional tennis strings ranging from Synthetic Gut in four colors all the way to its “Twisted 5” Co-Poly string offering access to exceptional power and spin while still maintaining the feel of the ball at the net.