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Synonyms for ardour

Synonyms for ardour

a feeling of strong eagerness (usually in favor of a person or cause)

intense feeling of love


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feelings of great warmth and intensity

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The first ARDOR was established on the Kenai Peninsula, and today it perhaps most closely follows the original intent.
Entrepreneurs who took advantage of the ARDOR services included a gas-detection equipment-leasing agent, a supplier of industrial coatings, a video producer and a landscape designer.
The Kenai ARDOR puts a lot of effort into conferences, which are held at different places in the borough.
In 2000, the Kenai ARDOR received a little over $47,000 as the state's piece of the total ARDOR funding pie.
Maybe a handful of people know we're an ARDOR as well.
At a forum in Seldovia, folks from the ARDOR learned the community's generator was losing its seasoned operator, and an increase in blackouts was feared.
Alan Austerman of Kodiak worked for ARDOR funding during the 2001 legislative session.
One active ARDOR in rural Alaska is the Copper Valley Economic Development Council, based in Glennallen.
The Copper Valley ARDOR gets a particular boost in local importance considering there is no borough or city government.
The Southeast Conference, the ARDOR for Alaska's Panhandle, fills a completely different role.