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Synonyms for ardor

powerful, intense emotion

passionate devotion to or interest in a cause or subject, for example

Synonyms for ardor

a feeling of strong eagerness (usually in favor of a person or cause)

intense feeling of love


Related Words

feelings of great warmth and intensity

References in classic literature ?
What more natural, therefore, than the ardor with which they found a refuge in the heart of their only child?
Nevertheless, when he saw Katharine among the orchids, her beauty strangely emphasized by the fantastic plants, which seemed to peer and gape at her from striped hoods and fleshy throats, his ardor for botany waned, and a more complex feeling replaced it.
While I was in the full flush of this ardor there came to see our school, one day, a Mexican gentleman who was studying the American system of education; a mild, fat, saffron man, whom I could almost have died to please for Cervantes' and Don Quixote's sake, because I knew he spoke their tongue.
And as the lips of Van Baerle approached the grating with the same ardor as the day before, and as, moreover, the hour for retiring had struck, Rosa drew back her head, and stretched out her hand.
Tongue-tied by inexperience and by excess of ardor, wooing unwittingly and awkwardly, Martin continued his approach by contact.
Her prodigious innocence appalled him, freezing on his lips all ardors of speech, and convincing him, in spite of himself, of his own unworthiness.
Abandoned entirely to my own resources, I naturally returned to the business of caricaturing with renewed ardor.
In dealing with the first two of these questions Burke spoke with noble ardor for liberty and the rights of man, which he felt the English government to be disregarding.
Greene in his 'History of England' has well spoken of 'the characteristics of his oratory--its passionate ardor, its poetic fancy, its amazing prodigality of resources; the dazzling succession in which irony, pathos, invective, tenderness, the most brilliant word pictures, the coolest argument, followed each other.
There were times, indeed, when the vigor she put into her work was more of a relief to her feelings than it was an ardor to efface dirt--Nancy, in spite of her frightened submission to her mistress, was no saint.
With renewed ardor Saxon devoted herself to her household, to her pretties, and to her charms.
a (OUPE), the Spanish branch of Oxford University Press (OUP) is extending the distribution of its digital English language-learning platform, MyOxfordEnglish, into the global corporate market through a long-term collaboration with Ardor Learning.
Ardor New York has announced it is now offering newly-hired agents three commission structure options as opposed to the standard 50%-50% split common in the industry.
Heat two produced a thrilling finish when both Autumn Ardor and Jonny Reb both caught and passed trailblazer Salacres Maldini close home with Alec Stone''s bitch recording 30.
Ardor Engineering Ltd has transferred operations from cramped premises at Pine Street near Huddersfield town centre to a new headquarters built on vacant land at Bradley.