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a unit of dry measure used in Egypt

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One acre produces no more than 20 ardebs of wheat, says director of agriculture affairs
The minister pointed out that the price of local wheat ardebs is EGP 420, which is an increase of about EGP20 from last year's price.
He stated that the price the state pays local farmers for one ardeb is EGP 420, and "it won't change".
He states that according to recent reports by the Ministry of Agriculture, Egypt cultivates on average three million feddans for wheat production each year, and that the average of each feddan is 15 ardeb (150 kilograms).
On Sunday, the Minister of Trade and Industry Amr Nassar and the Minister of Local Development Mahmoud Shaarawy will attend parliament and on Tuesday the Minister of Supply and Internal Trading Aly Meselhi will also attend parliament to address topics related to the government's policy on the pricing of agricultural crops and market monopolies, as well as to determine a fair price for wheat ardeb.
Karg 2 3-54 7, Szmajda 7 3-4 17, Ardeb 1 0-0 2, Pakaski 2 1-3 5, Carver 0 0-0 0, Lung 1 0-1 2, Deaver 2 0-0 4 Totals 21 14-21 58.
Gabriel said four rebel fighters have been killed in the surprise attack on the SPLA-IO headquarter in Ardeb on Thursday afternoon before to manage to repulse the attack.
The new prices approached LE 555 per ardeb (roughly 150 kilograms) for a crop of 21 purity degrees, and LE 575 per ardeb for a crop of 23 purity degrees, the minister of agriculture stated.
KRISTEN Brekke, Adeel Ulhaq and Forhad Rahman were jailed following a lengthy police investigation called Operation Ardeb.
Summer Handhold crop Cultivated in April, May and June, with total cultivated area of white maize about 1.5 million Fadden, and total of production amounted about 44.1 million ardeb .
One feddan (acre) produces 18 ardeb (one ardeb equals 150kg) of wheat in Egypt, according to the Ministry of Agriculture.
Letters: ABDEILNORST SLEET RANID STAIN REDIA RATES SOBER EROSE ABORT LITRE TIARA NAILS DEBAR leets tains tabor relit snail ardeb barde In the diagrams above, the lowercase words are those that result from reading one of the uppercase words starting at a different letter.
Parliament's agriculture committee sent a memorandum to the cabinet requesting to raise the price of wheat to EGP 625-650 per ardeb, based on the purity of the crop.
The supply price of wheat with a purity rate of 23.5% reached EGP 600 per ardeb, wheat with a purity rate of 23% is sold at EGP 585 per ardeb, while wheat with a purity rate of 22% costs EGP 570 per ardeb.
"Wheat output is promising as the Agricultural Research Centre has come up with three new breeds of grain, producing 22 ardeb (one ardeb equals 150 kilogramme) per feddan (acre)," Abu Hadid said.