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a whitish deposit in the shape of an arc that is sometimes seen in the cornea

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Arcus can be worn over clothing or integrated seamlessly into smart apparel or accessories such as braces.
The duo have worked with Arcus in the UK for a number of years and will now use their experience to create animations for use in marketing campaigns, apps, games, children's content and live installations.
At the trial, ARCUS submitted appraisal evidence indicating a value of $2,560,000 for the property, and Grantsville submitted appraisal evidence indicating property value of $5,860,000.
We look forward to leveraging our expertise and products to facilitate Blue Arcus in the evolution of their network to include LTE.
For 2016, the Arcus Foundation is partnering with GFAS, a non-profit organization whose international accreditation program for sanctuaries and rescue centers recognizes high standards of animal care and certifies that these organizations do not commercially exploit animals through purchase or sale of animals, captive breeding, or invasive research.
Arcus Hunting is building a portfolio of leading brands in the bowhunting and archery category.
Photographer Neil Arcus was mistaken for a gunman as he was paking pictures
Combining Precision BioSciences' ARCUS technology with Baxalta's global infrastructure, expertise and growing immuno-oncology portfolio is a synergistic approach that we believe has the potential to make disruptive approaches available to people with a range of underserved cancers.
Now president of The Siderow Organization's Residential & Commercial Divisions, Arcus was one of the company's first brokers.
Food & Drug Administration for its Arcus staple system.
However, on multifactorial adjustment for arcus corneae, no hazard ratios remained significant.
Arcus corneae (or arcus senilis) is a grey-white-yellowish opacity near the periphery of the cornea, though separated from the limbic margin by a clear corneal zone.
Previous research has established that both xanthelasmata and arcus corneae are deposits of cholesterol.
The group, assembled by Emory's James Weldon Johnson Institute for Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies and funded with a $235,000 grant by the Arcus Foundation, will study such civil rights figures as Bayard Rustin, a gay activist who advised Martin Luther King Jr.
Chairman David Richardson said: 'The Arcus offer gives Forth Ports' shareholders the opportunity to realise their investment for cash at a fair price.