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a whitish deposit in the shape of an arc that is sometimes seen in the cornea

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I remember sitting at my desk in my first office in November, 2008," Arcus told Real Estate Weekly.
WD customers can now take advantage of the simple setup with automatic camera discovery, intuitive interface, remote viewing, mobile access and other monitoring features in Milestone Arcus software.
The Arcus system is indicated for fixation of bone fractures, bone reconstruction, ligament, soft tissue and tendon, which includes fixation of bone fragments or small-bone fractures, as well as fracture management in the foot and hand.
The combination of ISD and Milestone Arcus gives consumers even more choice by not requiring them to sacrifice legacy cameras that are not capable of edge storage.
For this analysis, the researchers included 12,745 people, for whom complete information on all relevant variables, including xanthelasmata and arcus corneae, were available at baseline.
Arcus Therapeutics is a joint venture established in May 2000 between Peregrine and OXiGENE for the development of Vascular Targeting Agents (VTAs) to treat a wide variety of cancers.
The Arcus 1200's 36-bit color depth incorporates Agfa's new MultiPlate Technology by allowing users to replace the glass scanning plate with a glass-free slide holder for direct-to-image, distortion-free transparency scanning.
At the beginning of the study 563 of participants had xanthelasmata and 3,159 had arcus corneae.
a series of internet-based electronic field trips developed by ARCUS, in which students across the country can be transported virtually to unique and remote locations within the arctic region.
The Arcus 98DA, imported by Century Arms, is a gun I would consider if I were looking for an inexpensive 9mm.
Both arms were examined by Doppler USG after 20 minutes of rest and 20 seconds of stress ball squeezing, and both the ulnar artery and palmar arcus peak systolic velocity (cm/sec), enddiastolic velocity (cm/sec) and arterial radius (mm) measurements were obtained.
Arcus + Spheroid XS 002, 2007, stands out from the dense hanging of fifty small paintings on board and seventeen framed drawings that serves as the show's centerpiece; against a navy blue background, complex conglomerates of knitted lines and concentric ellipses are overlapped in copper and black layers to create a paradoxical union of the rational and the baroque.
The Arcus Blade was developed to cut smooth edged circles or arcs in wood, plastic, composite decking or fiberglass with one pass of a circular saw.
Norwegian wine and spirits group Arcus, meanwhile, has confirmed it would be interested in the Nordic operations of V & S.