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forming or resembling an arch

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Early-medieval artists in the West provided ample testimony for the arcuated throne canopy in that region as well.
73) Episcopal thrones with arcuated tops of all sorts probably reflect the papal throne in the Lateran basilica, which likely was centered at the back of the apse of the building and thus appeared to be capped by the gilded half-dome of the ceiling directly overhead, as was the papal throne in Old Saint Peter's.
Yet again, the image of an enthroned monarch beneath an arcuated canopy is clear.
The arcuated structure was adopted not just because the practice is used to such things, but because it enabled the maximum volume of accommodation to be got onto the site within the planners' envelope (p62).
You can see the fusion between the arcuated building and.
But the Misericordia structure may well be unique among charity loggias in a most important way: rather than an extended series of arcuated compartments, it comprises a single bay only that is crowned by a hemispherical groin vault, hence its approximation to a domed space.
Here it is of capital importance to note that arched and domical constructions of these sorts evidently carried identical connotations, for both "arch" and "dome"--and "vault" as well, of course--belong under the rubric of arcuated structures.
A very early instance of the arcuated canopy in such a context, showing Christ's entombment, appears in the middle of the right apron of the painted cross known as Uffizi number 432, a work of the late twelfth century.