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forming or resembling an arch

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53) In fact, pictorial evidence for the common presence of the arcuated altar baldachin in Christian worship retreats to the first centuries of art within that tradition; the lower cupola mosaics of uncertain early date in Hagios Giorgios at Salonika, portraying pairs of saints flanking altars with domed canopies, and the Stuma and Riha patens from the late fifth or early sixth century are exemplary in this regard (fig.
When pictured on ancient coins usually as a single stone resting upon an altar (sometimes shaded by two curved parasols that reiterate the shape), the resulting form, baetyl on altar, is not unlike that of an arcuated Christian ciborium atop an altar.
The evidence furnished by numismatic imagery for the appearance of such early constructions and for interpretations of them, substantiated only to a degree and often indirectly by contemporaneous writers, is somewhat unsatisfying, and of course it provides no knowledge whatsoever of the surely even greater antiquity of arcuated altar canopies.
The sources for the arcuated throne canopy symbolizing divine, or divinely educed, rule are plentiful; and here again, as for arcuated tomb baldachins and altar ciboria, Byzantine artists played an important role.
Early-medieval artists in the West provided ample testimony for the arcuated throne canopy in that region as well.
73) Episcopal thrones with arcuated tops of all sorts probably reflect the papal throne in the Lateran basilica, which likely was centered at the back of the apse of the building and thus appeared to be capped by the gilded half-dome of the ceiling directly overhead, as was the papal throne in Old Saint Peter's.
The arcuated structure was adopted not just because the practice is used to such things, but because it enabled the maximum volume of accommodation to be got onto the site within the planners' envelope (p62).
You can see the fusion between the arcuated building and.