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Regulation of NKB pathways and their roles in the control of Kiss1 neurons in the arcuate nucleus of the male mouse.
As the brain damage became chronic, the arcuate nucleus appeared to lose its sensitivity to hormonal cues about how much body fat exists, Schwartz says.
Neuropeptide Y-mediated inhibition of proopiomelanocortin neurons in the arcuate nucleus shows enhanced desensitization in ob/ob mice.
The question as to whether the estrogen activation of the arcuate nucleus (Fos) is in the kisspeptin cells is an important one, since it has been shown that the positive feedback effect is generated here.
For example, Chen and colleagues (2006) and Sakar and colleagues (2007) used LMD to study the effects of alcohol exposure on certain neurons in a cell group called the arcuate nucleus, 2 which is located in the brain's hypothalamus.
Studies reported (Regul Pept, September Issue) that injection of neonatal mice with MSG is neurotoxic for hypothalamic arcuate nucleus and causes obesity.
In babies who died of SIDS, the arcuate nucleus thought to play a crucial role in respiratory drive, chemoreception, blood pressure response, and upper airway reflexes--shows a marked decrease in receptor binding, suggesting that it has not fully developed.
The abnormality is in the arcuate nucleus, the part of the brain involved with controlling breathing and waking during sleep.
Chronic restriction and acute food deprivation decrease mRNA levels of opioid peptides in the arcuate nucleus.
As neuroscientists refined this observation over the ensuing decades, they zeroed in first on a small area of the hypothalamus known as the arcuate nucleus, and more recently on AgRP and POMC neurons, two small populations of cells within that nucleus.