arcuate artery

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curved artery in the foot

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Type 1 : As the DPA coursed along the dorsum of the foot, it failed to give rise to the arcuate artery. This study found the arcuate artery to be completely absent in 32.5 % of cases (Fig.
The proximal right ovarian artery originates from the aorta and courses into a tangle of vessels (long arrows) in the right abdomen ((a) and (c)) before penetrating the myometrium (curved arrows) ((b) and (c)) and extending caudally (short arrows) as an arcuate artery to the lesion.
Prompt diagnosis and treatment of uterine arcuate artery pseudoaneurysm: A case report and review of literature.
The resistive index were calculated from each interlobar artery and arcuate artery according to special software fitted to the computer of USG machine.
At this point, the intraosseous vessel may be termed the arcuate artery and pursues a tortuous posteromedial course below the epiphyseal scar to become the principal blood supply of the humeral head.