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plaything consisting of a child's toy bear (usually plush and stuffed with soft materials)


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The final question which saw her winnings rise from pounds 6,900 to pounds 704,900, was the definition of an arctophile -a person who collects teddy bears.
The final question was the definition of an arctophile -a person who collects teddy bears.
To win the jackpot, the former St Edward's college student was asked what an arctophile was.
Arctophiles must concede, however, that compilation of an equally inclusive guide to biota inhabiting any globe-circling span of 20[degrees]-35[degrees] of latitude closer to the Equator would require vastly more than the 544 pages in this guide.
What is collected by people known as arctophiles? 6.
The collaboration between Charlie Bears and Charlotte Bird has already piqued the interest of arctophiles (from the Greek words meaning 'bear' and 'affection').
Hartlepool is the first town in the UK to host this unusual touring exhibition which is sure to fascinate everyone from the youngest teddy fan to serious bear collectors - or arctophiles, as they are known.
This includes the creation of terminology that defines its beliefs, the meaning of which is obscure to those unfamiliar with the culture- for example: arctophiles are lovers, that is, fans, of teddy bars; a hug is a collection of teddy bears; artist bears are handmade limited edition teddies; bearapy is teddy bear-facilitated mental health intervention.
Hundreds of arctophiles will be flocking to Birmingham this weekend for the International Bears and Dolls Show.