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stout-bodied broad-winged moth with conspicuously striped or spotted wings

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Life cycle and immature stages of the arctiid moth, Phoenicoprocta capistrata.
Evolutionary recruitment of a flavin dependent monooxygenase for the detoxification of host plant-acquired pyrrolizidine alkaloids in the alkaloid defended arctiid moth Tyria jacobaeae.
The overwintering biology of the arctiids Cisseps fulvicollis (Fields and McNeil, 1986), Ctenucha virginica (Fields and McNeil, 1988) and Pyrrharctia isabella have some general similarities.
However, this study indicates that mixing is not inevitably better than fidelity to a single plant, even with the relatively mobile arctiid E.
Arctiid started off as 9-2 joint favourite with Tertium - who finished last - and made a brave attempt to make all, but ran out of steam at the furlong marker.
John Gosden has a near 25 per cent strike record at Doncaster and the Newmarket trainer looks good for a double there today with Arctiid and Sinecure.
Because it has been shown that arctiid larvae do not directly absorb plant toxic alkaloids and utilize them for defense, but rather deactivate them first in the gut, which requires energy (Hartman 2008), it is possible that feeding on C.
A taste receptor neurone dedicated to the perception of pyrrolizidine alkaloids in the medial galeal sensillum of two polyphagous arctiid caterpillars.
McCoy's other ride, Arctiid, started odds-on for the two-mile novice hurdle, but after making the running, faded to be fourth.
We recorded no Arctiid wing in any feeding roost of C.
Arctiid larvae survive attack by a tachinid parasitoid and produce viable offspring.
Fall guy Willie Ryan gets the late call at York today all set to bring home the beer money on Arctiid in the John Smith's Magnet Cup at York.
Grateful Gary Hind steps into the TV spotlight at Doncaster today - out to do some more useful advertising on ARCTIID.
15) can win a tricky four-runner affair but ARCTIID (3.