arctic willow

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low creeping shrub of Arctic Europe and America

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Olson set up the Canada geese we had harvested as traditional Cree decoys, with a length of arctic willow inserted into the bills to hold the birds' heads up.
Rabbitbrush and serviceberry, sage and spiraea all have their places, but you'll also see dwarf Arctic willow (Salix purpurea |Nana'), which can form a hedge or windbreak in wet soil; creek dogwood (Cornus californicus), for erosion control in moist areas; and greenleaf manzanita (Arctostaphylos patula), a good barrier planting or evergreen ground cover on rocky slopes.
Westley Brown and Edgar Dopp were afoot, cutting through dense growths of arctic willow and scrub spruce, while four more of us followed with their saddle horses and the pack string.
Few decoys are used, but as birds are harvested, they are set out with heads propped up with rocks or stubby limbs from arctic willow.
But Frank assured me he'd seen a big bull slip into the Arctic willows, just out of sight.