arctic willow

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low creeping shrub of Arctic Europe and America

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In the summer reindeer live in the northern areas of the tundra, feeding principally on wild herbs as well as on the leaves and buds of Arctic willows (Salix arctica) and dwarf birches (Betula nana).
Few decoys are used, but as birds are harvested, they are set out with heads propped up with rocks or stubby limbs from arctic willow.
So I just sat still, imitating a dwarf arctic willow.
and Eriophorum scheuchzeri) and arctic willow (Salix arctica), comprised a majority of the muskoxen's summer diet, but their proportions varied from year to year.
The nest, located on slightly sloping terrain at the lakeshore, occupied the top of a conical hump 5 cm high and covered with moss and stunted dwarf arctic willow.
But Frank assured me he'd seen a big bull slip into the Arctic willows, just out of sight.