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the inverse function of the sine

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Observing that {[tau](nt,n) + R > n} = [empty set] for R < 0 and {[tau](nt,n) + R < nt} = [empty set] for R > 0 and recalling the generalized arcsine law (which, under Assumption A1, holds for [n.
First, we compare the regression-based p-chart, the Arcsine p-chart, the modified p-chart, the Q-chart, the classical 3-sigma p-chart with the ISRT p-chart based on the value of [n.
Volume fractions of cultch, oyster, and box were arcsine transformed (Sokal & Rohlf 1998) prior to analysis.
The data for group scan level and group scan frequency were arcsine square-root transformed and tested for normality with one-sample Kolmogorov-Smirnov tests.
All percentage data were transformed to arcsine, and subjected to repeated measures ANOVA, using Proc mixed of SAS (SAS, 1999).
The PP values were not normally distributed; therefore, the arcsine transformation was applied to the calculated PP values to stabilize the variance.
The proportions were then arcsine transformed to ensure normality and compared using three-way analysis of variance (ANOVA).
The response variables wood failure dry and wood failure wet were transformed using an arcsine transformation.
Percentage survival and percentage hatch data were arcsine square root transformed before statistical analyses with modification where n = 0 or 1, as detailed by the U.
Proportional data form a binomial distribution, thus percent overlap was arcsine transformed to allow use of parametric statistics (Zar 1999), though data presented are actual proportions.
Before analyzing proportional data, we performed the arcsine of the square root transformation of the proportion to correct for platykurtosis (Sokal and Rohlf 1981).
To avoid violating the normal distribution assumption of the ANOVA, proportions were converted using the arcsine transformation suggested by Cohen and Cohen (1983) before statistical tests were applied.
A one-way or twoway analysis of variance on the arcsine transformation of cumulative percent germination after 15 days of incubation was used in the gibberelic acid study and the temperature and time of storage study.