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the inverse function of the sine

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3] ([1/[tan[beta]]] + 2 arcsin (1/[rho]))]]; [[d[rho]]/[d([theta]/[[alpha].
Coefficients for curve modeling are computed using probability distribution functions: polynomials, power functions, sinus, cosine, tangent, cotangent, logarithm, exponent or arcsin, arccos, arctan, arcctg.
Proportion data were transformed by arcsin Jp prior to analysis with repeated-measures ANOVA to detect differences among groups of plants and seasons (Zar, 1999).
Mortality of fish in exposures used for gene expression analyses was modeled by analysis of variance (ANOVA) after arcsin transformation of mortality data (Zar 1984), and significant (p< 0.
Cohen's h, the difference between the arcsin transformations of the two proportions, is provided as a measure of effect size (Rosenthal & Rosnow, 1991).
The proportion of exotic species was arcsin square root transformed to fulfill assumptions of normality.
Percent germination values were arcsin transformed for analysis, and back-transformed for presentation in tables.
Fruit Set is the Arcsin ([square root]/(proportion of flowers that became fruit, including those that were later consumed by caterpillars)).
However, arcsin is not defined if its argument is bigger than 1.
New built-in functions - ARCSIN, ARCCOS and NormalCDF have been added to the list of available built-in functions.
For all /tests, we used arcsin transformation to normalize the values, and for each family of tests corrected with the Holms variant of the Bonferroni correction.
The arcsin [square root of x] transformation was used to normalize the fraction of cells in the S phase, fraction of cells in the G2/M phases, and RSG1.
x]) was arcsin square root transformed for normality purposes before analysis and retransformed for presentation purposes.