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a 60th part of a minute of arc

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Austin JM, Gallant JC, Van Niel T (2013) Mean monthly radiation surfaces for Australia at I arcsecond resolution.
3) Drake concluded that Galileo was generally able to resolve two satellites when they were separated by more than about 10 arcseconds.
3 arcseconds at a red-light wavelength of 630 nm--much smaller than the 2 1/2-arcsecond daytime seeing I expect to encounter.
Declination is expressed in degrees, arcminutes, and arcseconds north (+) or south (-) of the celestial equator.
1 arcsecond apart at 1 micron, but only because it flies about 350 miles above Earth's surface.
Raven also has two motorized pick-off arms for observing targets, each with a field of view of 4 arcseconds.
5 arcseconds by the end of the period, at which time it will be rising some 45 minutes before midnight.
The dispersed planetary image at the focus of a telescope objective has its various wavelengths spread vertically over a small angular range, typically a few arcseconds at most, forming a short spectrum.
If the bullet model is correct and the shaft isn't simply an artifact of the image, then future Hubble photographs taken a year apart should show the material moving 2 to 3 arcseconds, about 0.
Aim your scope at Venus and you'll discover that its disk is almost full, though only 10 arcseconds wide.
66 arcseconds -- comparable to the separation of two auto headlights viewed from 100 miles away.
The 1100GTO comes with a guaranteed peak-to-peak periodic error of 7 arcseconds or better.
3 arcseconds per year; in 500,000 years it will have retreated too far to be visible to the naked eye
Although just 7 arcseconds wide when it's most favorably placed this month, the planet's disk is in the shape of a miniature first-quarter Moon.
has succesfully measured the positions of five stars to an accuracy of 3 arcseconds and tracked them over wide angles (greater than 20|) as the earth rotated.